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How to get from
Dipolog to Manila

Dipolog to Manila Trip Overview

Distance704 km (440.0 miles)
Price range$167-$231
Ride Duration Range1h 35m-1h 45m
Earliest Departure02:00
Latest Departure06:35

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Travel Schedule Options from Dipolog to Manila

Taking a ferry from Dipolog to Manila

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The fastest: 1h 35m

The cheapest: $167




A beautiful view from within central Manila

About the ride from Dipolog to Cebu

Traveling around the Philippines is getting easier as tourists create a well-worn path between many of the beautiful islands and popular destinations.

Wondering how far it is from Dipolog to Cebu? It is approximately 267 km (~166 miles), making it a bit of a commitment if you go by sea, but not by air.

You’ll be traveling north from one island to the other, but it will be well worth it for a change of scenery and access to a variety of new beaches and some big city vibes.

The best part about traveling in the Philippines is that the ride will be breathtaking. Whether you’re traveling by air or by sea, you’ll be treated to stunning sea views, gorgeous palm trees, and interesting sites along the way.

After you’ve enjoyed your time in Zamboanga del Norte, it’s time to head to Cebu for some big city life, which comes with a fat dose of island life. Because in the Philippines, it’s always island life.

When you’re ready to move from one island to the next, you may be wondering. How do I get from Dipolog to Cebu? In short, you’ve got two options: ferry or flight. But more on that in a second. 

First, a few things to do in Cebu City...

Cebu offers you so much variety, with over 150 different islands to explore and tons of Spanish-Colonial influence to learn about. 

The oldest Catholic church in the Philippines, Basilica del Santo Nino, is in Cebu City and is well worth a visit. The architecture is awe-inspiring and there are amazing stained glass windows, 17th-century relics on display, and a fascinating library on the grounds. 

Taboan Public Market is another must-see. It’s the perfect place to try local delicacies like dried fish and mangos. Plus, it’s a great spot for people watching!

If you need a photo for your Instagram, head to Tops Lookout. It’s the place for 360-degree views of the city, with a glimpse of the sea.

Cebu is surrounded by so many incredible islands with crystal clear water and powder-soft sand. It would be a crime not to go island hopping. This island is also home to whale sharks and is one of only a few places in the world where you can see them. The snorkeling here is phenomenal, and the scuba diving is some of the best and cheapest in the world. 

Need we say more?

So, let’s dive into the best way to travel from Dipolog to Cebu. 

How to get from Dipolog to Cebu

There are a few options to get you from Dipolog to Cebu. You have the choice of taking a ferry or a flight, both of which start at around US$20 per person. Each has its own list of pros and cons, so it will really come down to personal preference when finding the best fit.


Taking a ferry

Transport from Dipolog to Cebu is pretty straightforward. Medallion Transport has direct ferries that will get you there (sort of) comfortably and definitely safely in nine hours. 

You have three different ferry classes to choose from: economy, tourist, and business. All ferries will depart from the Dipolog Port and arrive at the Cebu Pier. It’s easy to grab a taxi or tuk-tuk to your accommodation from there.

No matter which ticket you book, you can bring 15 kg of luggage with you on board. If you have additional bags, you can pay US$3 per piece and bring them with you. 

Economy ferries are the most affordable, starting at US$20 per ticket. This will get you a bunk bed in a common area, like a dorm room. You’ll have access to bathrooms and the snack bar where you can purchase food and drinks. Unfortunately, that’s about all you’ll get, so don’t expect AC or any other comforts!

Pro tip: Bring something to use as a pillow and a blanket. These bunks are bare-bones!

The tourist ferry from Dipolog to Cebu is a good option because they have AC and TVs, but you’ll only pay US$30. These tickets also include more private wooden bunks, but they are still located in a shared space. 

Your final ferry option is the business ferry. Tickets on these boats cost US$37 and include all of the amenities of the other ferries. What makes them more luxurious is that you’ll have a bunk in a room with only four beds. This offers a bit more privacy and space to spread out.

Bunks in the business ferries also include bedding. However, you may want to bring a sleeping bag liner and/or a pillowcase anyway. 

The main differences in these boats are the amenities. If you’re traveling by ferry, pick the one that suits your needs the best because while the ferry is very affordable, it does take nine hours of your life.



Taking a flight

The best way to get from Dipolog to Cebu is by flight. However, if you have loads of luggage, it could cost you an arm and a leg.

It only takes an hour to get from one island to the other, and internal flights in the Philippines can be a steal. 

If you book early enough, it’s possible to nab a flight on Philippine Airlines for as little as $23 per person. Cebugo offers seats for $30. Your best bet is to keep your travel plans flexible and set fare alerts so you can scoop up tickets for the lowest possible price. 

There are several direct flights per week between the two airlines, but be sure to check the Dipolog to Cebu flight schedule for the most up-to-date information on departure times.

It’s also important to remember with these insane deals, you’ll be traveling on a budget airline. That means that you’ll probably only be allowed one 7kg carry-on bag. So, if you are traveling with more luggage, be prepared to pay more.

Pro tip: Pay for your luggage online before you arrive at the airport. It’s usually much cheaper!

Because flights are so cheap, you could almost justify a Cebu day trip! However, you’re going to want a few days (at least) to enjoy this magical island.

Companies Operating from Dipolog to Manila

Average time

1h 35m - 1h 45m

Average price

$167 - $198

Popular stations and stops in Dipolog and Manila

Departure stations in Dipolog

Dipolog Airport (DPL)

Dipolog Port

Arrival stations in Manila

Manila Airport (MNL)

Manila Port

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