A captivating backdrop of central Koh Kradan

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Stories by travelers, for travelers

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Stations in Koh Kradan  

Kradan Beach Resort Tambon Ko Libong, Amphoe Kantang, Chang Wat Trang 92110, Thailandlogo
Koh Kradan, Thailandlogo
Anantara, Ko Libong, Kantang District, Trang 92110, Thailandlogo
Kradan Island Pier, 8765+H3 Ko Libong, Kantang District, Trang, Thailandlogo
Koh Kradan Beach, Ko Libong, Kantang District, Trang 92110, Thailandlogo
Kradan Beach Resort, 8774+2M Ko Libong, Kantang District, Trang, Thailandlogo
station location

Koh Kradan at a glance

High season

Dec - March
Place you can't miss
Hat Chao Mai National park
Local currency
Good to know
When island hopping through Thailand, Koh Kradan needs to be a must on anybody's list of perfect retreats. This island is surrounded with a ring of seashores which can truly wow any vacationer. Make sure to pack enough swimsuits as the waters around the islands are vast and warm. You can go snorkeling and diving off a long-tail boat and spot all of the very diverse marine activity under the sea. The waters are clear and clean, and the beautiful coast is speckled with colorful boats. The island is really mostly secluded, very quiet, with few hotels and restaurant options to chose from. Keep in mind that Tap water on this island is not drinkable and you will need to buy plastic water bottles.

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