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High season

November - May
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Mu Ko Lanta National Park
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Koh Lanta is a delightful and very laid-back island off the west coast of Thailand. It’s an archipelago which is made up of over 50 small islands, with three inhabited and only of them is truly developed. It is great for nature lovers and those who are looking for adventure and beauty all in one place. Koh Lanta has a national park with a virgin rainforest, clean sandy beaches, abundant coral reefs and crystal-clear water which makes for a relaxing island retreat. The island is very popular with families, couples and a few backpackers who prefer an island with a more laid-back vibe. It isn’t a party island, however, you’ll find amazing resorts and local restaurants to choose from when you plan your visit there. The best thing about Koh Lanta is you can explore the main island of Koh Lanta Yai on a motorbike and then get on a boat and then try to see the other islands after.

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