How do I get from

Koh Samui to Koh Lanta

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bus-ferry from koh samui to koh lanta

Starting at $25



Earliest: 07:30|Latest: 09:00


StandardHigh Speed

Bus-ferry combos offer travellers a very comfortable way to get from from A to B. It's possible to get a personal pick up from your hotel (by van or bus), which will then take you to the ferry. Make sure to bring some entertainment with you, as this is a lengthy journey.

  • Transfer schedules of bus and ferry are aligned
  • Personal pick ups available
  • Bus makes toilet stops upon request
  • Indoor and outdoor seating on the ferry
  • Possible motion + sea sickness
  • Limited departure times per day
  • No other transport options
  • Lengthy journey
  • Usually non refundable

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