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Koh Tao to Suratthani

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Suratthani at a glance

High Season

Jan - March
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Places you can't miss
Surat Thani City Pillar Shrine
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Good to know
It’s remarkable to see the differences between each part of Thailand, and Suratthani knows how to stands out. Often times, it’s hard to distinguish between natural limestone hills from the pagodas that the native tribes built since the 3rd century. Thailand is already known for it’s peculiar fruit, but Suratthani especially has a festival dedicated to the Rambutan, which was first planted there. During the Chak Pra festival, you can celibrate Buddha’s descent from heaven with thousands of Thai citizens and monks. After such celebrations of Thailand, head to one of Surat Thani’s white-sand beaches to celebrate your vacation.

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Is there a flexible cancellation policy?
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Top reviews

Good but chaotic
Everything worked well, but the buses were not signed that tourists now which obe they should take. And at the ferry port was it very chaotic because the ferries were not signed where they go and it was hard to find the luggage again under tonns of other suitcases. More order would be helpful.
Bumpy but fast
Bumpy but fast
Good service but we couldn’t
Good service but we couldn’t dock at Surat Thani and ended up 30 minutes late arriving st the airport
Rien à dire. Tout était parfais !
Superfriendly and serviceminded staff
Very nice service all the way from the airport to the pier at Koh Tao. Rough waters though, remember to bring seasikness tablettes or ginger root to chew on it the water is wavy. Mostly fun, until ppl start barfing over rough sea.