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June - August
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This small trading post evolved to a city that holds the best of everything Thailand has to offer. Come to Bangkok to see the Buddhist temples like the Wat Pho, which holds the largest collection of Buddha images in Thailand. Or, the Grand Palace, which has housed Thai kings since the 18th century. Bangkok has something to offer for every interest. See modern Thai artists at the Bangkok Art and Culture Center, or a Muay Thai show at the Rajadamnern stadium. Roam the streets by foot or by “Tuk Tuk” (rickshaw). The 8 million population of Bangkok is bound to enchant you with delicious street food and unforgettable experiences.

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Are there any stops during the trip?
Should I take food and water with me?
Can I take my bike with me?
Is there a flexible cancellation policy?
What is the distance between Koh Tao to Bangkok?
What is the cheapest transport option from Koh Tao and Bangkok?
What is the frequency of departures per day?
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Top reviews

Uncomfortable seats
The seat number 7 is broken and the travel was very difficult
Amazing experience
Lovely adding to Thai life exploration
Time into Bus too much important
I thought less bus and more boat, less tired
We travelled from Bangkok to
We travelled from Bangkok to Koh Tao first by bus then by ferry. The bus ride to the pier was ok. We arrived at the pier at about 5am and the ferry was supposed to depart at 7am. In the end we left almost an hour later. The Ferry was a catamaran ferry which was really fast but also very bumpy. If you get sea sick very fast then I wouldn't recommend taking a catamaran ferry because it really does go up and down with the waves.
Longer than expected
Bus ride was comfortable, got blankets from the staff and made one 40 min break were you could buy also a warm meal. But instead of Chumphon Pier we started from another pier and much later so we got later to the island and the ride with the ferry took like 2 hours longer.
If you have stomach problems you will get seasick
If you get seasick go to the top floor right away and it might be helpful to take some medicine.
On time and welk organised
Bus stopped shortly for Food, and there is also short time between ferry and Bus so you can eat and stretch your legs.
Friendly staff
Friendly staff
Impossible to sleep
The bus was all ok but drivers were a bit noisy so it wasn't possible to fall asleep. However they drove safely.
The bus was old and
The bus was old and the toilet was disgusting. Despite of this, everything ok