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Da Tien stationlogo
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The Sinh Tourist Da Latlogo
Hong An Hotellogo
Da Lat Airport (Lien Khuong Airport) (DLI)logo
41 Duong Pham Ngu Lao (Long Van Limousine)logo
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17 Đường Lương Thế Vinhlogo
Hanh Cafe, Nguyen Van Cu streetlogo
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1 Nam ho Streetlogo
54 Mai Anh Dao street, Dan Anh Dalat stationlogo
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Đường Hoàng Diệu (Vy Van)logo
2 Lê Đại Hành (Dalat City Postal)logo
147 Phan Chu Trinh (Xinh Xinh)logo
16 Đường Phạm Ngũ Lão (An Phu Travel)logo
6 Đường Nguyễn Chí Thanh (An Phu Travel)logo
20 Đường Trần Phúlogo
Catthienhai Station (Lam Anh Hotel)logo
Minh Tri (Dalat station)logo
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53-55 Phan Bội Châulogo
Thinh Phat Da Lat stationlogo
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Da Lat at a glance

High season

Dec - March
Place you can't miss
Linh An Pagoda
Local currency
Good to know
Much of Da lat is is like a painting; see for yourself at the Hang Nga guesthouse where the architecture resembles a Dali painting. Da lat is known to Vietnam as a major food source and in spring is covered with flower trees. When it comes to impressionism, in spring the trees bloom and decorate the streets in pastels. Best time to visit Da lat is from December to March, when everything blooms. As petals drift by you, enjoy the Dalat flower festival while drinking Vietnamese tea. Of course, there are many tea-leaf farms in Da lat.

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