A beautiful view from within central My Son

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Da Nang to My Son

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2 way to get from Da Nang to My Son

Taking a car from Da Nang to My Son
Know before you go

There is 1 operator that run from Da Nang to My Son. If you decide to take a car, you can take the Standard and SUV option.

Most popular rides
Taking a minivan from Da Nang to My Son
Know before you go

The bus ride from Da Nang to My Son is beautiful and takes you from the quiet, south-central city to the UNESCO World Heritage Site known as My Son. Enjoy the scenery and local bus operators as they point out landmarks and historic sites. This route is frequented by young travelers, so get to know the people on the bus and enjoy that magical bond that is created when traveling together.

  • Pros
    • WiFi connection
    • English speaking staff
    • Air conditioner
    • Comfortable seats
    • Short journey
  • Cons
    • Non refundable
    • Limited luggage allowance
Most popular rides

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