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Dec - Aug
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The beach!
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Marks are left on Da Nang from every spectre of history. This city can be traced back the the 4th century and the Champa people who ruled the land way back when. What’s left of their rule is the My Son Hindu temple clusters, which sit inside of a lush forest. My Son suffered through the passage of time and the Vietnam War in the 70s, surviving a carpet bombing. Even the beautiful Non Nuoc beach didn’t manage to escape the past; American troops used to love relaxing there. Da Nang needs to be seen, especially if you want to overwhelm all of your feelings and senses, at once, in the best way.

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Top reviews

Good and efficient
booked a train in Vietnam that was eventually cancelled due to corona. All good
Train adventure
Train adventure
Une expérience!
Le service était excellent! C’est l’odeur intense d’humidité qui était vraiment désagréable durant la nuit.
Good service
When I arrived 30mins early at the pick-up office, the girl was sleeping and seemed annoyed I was there. After confirming I have the right place, she went back to sleep! The bus arrived on time and boarding was smooth. 2hrs into the journey, we had to get off the bus and wait for an hour...then go back onto the same bus. Apparently, it had to refuel. The wait was outside another office and on a busy street, so was safe. The rest of the journey was smooth and I was able to sleep. Arrived in Hanoi 3hrs early...which was inconvenient as I had to arrange for alternative pick-up and check-in at my accommodation.
The bad reviews are accurate
The bus is as filthy as the reviews indicate. There is no sleeping going to happen and if you are heavy set or tall forget it. You won’t fit in the seats