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Halong Bay to Ninh Binh

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3 way to get from Halong Bay to Ninh Binh

Taking a bus from Halong Bay to Ninh BinhDuration: 1h
Know before you go

Hop on the bus if you’re getting from Ha Long Bay to Ninh Binh. Vietnam’s not the same without it’s buses; the level of luxury is suprisingly great. The buses are inexpensive and come equipped with clean cabins, air conditioning, and comfortable seats. Best of all, free hotel pick up/drop off is available.

  • Pros
    • Low cost
    • Many cabin class options
    • Free cancellations
    • Multiple departures per day
    • Makes rest stops
  • Cons
    • A/C turned on high (bring a sweater)
    • Few English speakers
    • Slow traffic
    • No toilets in buses
    • Limited departure times per day
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Taking a minivan from Halong Bay to Ninh Binh
Know before you go

Minivans from Ha Long Bay to Ninh Binh come in two forms: shared and private. In regards to the shared option, the cabin is air conditioned, and the price tag is quite low. In regards to the private van, this option is extremely flexible and can pick you up anytime, from any hotel.

  • Pros
    • Free cancellations
    • English speaking drivers
    • Luggage allowance
    • Driver makes toilet stops
    • Doable journey duration
  • Cons
    • Shared van: one departure a day
    • Shared van: no personal pick ups/drop offs
    • Private van: pricey
    • Possibly cramped
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Taking a car from Halong Bay to Ninh BinhDuration: 30m
Know before you go

When travelling from Ha Long Bay to Ninh Binh, you can book a private car and arrive in ease. While the price may look steep, keep in mind that the cost includes up to five people, making this option a wonderful one for families and group travel. The car is well air conditioned.

  • Pros
    • Free cancellations
    • Luggage allowance
    • Pick up anytime, anywhere
    • Clean and up to date vehicle
    • Clean and up to date vehicle
    • English speaking drivers
  • Cons
    • Possibly makes no rest stops
    • Pricey
    • Not very suitable for solo-travelers (price wise)
    • Limited luggage per passenger
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About the ride from Halong Bay to Ninh Binh

Limestone karsts rise majestically from the emerald green waters of Halong Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of Vietnam's most popular tourist destinations. Take a cruise to visit its many attractions and sign up for some adventure activities - Cat Ba island, spelunking in Hang Sung Sot Cave, diving in underwater cave grottoes, and dining on some of the freshest seafood.

Equally stunning is the landscape around Ninh Binh. Trang An, another UNESCO World Heritage Site and sometimes referred to as the Halong Bay on land, is located a short distance from Ninh Binh. The region is known for its limestone caves and lush green rice fields. 

The distance from Halong Bay to Ninh Binh is approximately 136 miles (219 km) and takes three and a half hours to 5 hours to cover, depending on the mode of transport. Those wishing to travel to Ninh Binh from Halong Bay can choose from buses, minivans (shared and private), and taxis.

Buses are the most inexpensive option and a very popular choice. Minivans are also an economical option and offer more departure time options. With more flexibility in timing and pick up and drop off options, minivans are an excellent choice for groups. For those traveling solo, as a couple or with family and want convenience and privacy, private taxis are available for hire. 


How to get from Ha Long Bay to Ninh Binh

Taking a bus

Buses are a popular option to travel from Ha Long Bay to Ninh Binh. And with ticket prices starting from as low as $7.50, they are an excellent choice for backpackers, budget travelers, and single travelers. All buses are air-conditioned and have comfortable seats. The coaches take between three and a half hours to five hours to reach Ninh Binh and make stops along the way for snacks and toilet breaks. While there are multiple departures (up to four) per day, the departure time options are limited. Most of the buses leave Halong Bay before noon, and there are no afternoon or evening options available. The bus can get a little chilly as the AC is sometimes cranked up, so do bring a jacket or sweater in your carry on luggage to keep warm.

Taking a minivan 

For slightly more than the price of a bus ticket (ticket prices start at $14/person), you can choose a shared minivan to travel to Halong Bay to Ninh Binh. All of the minivans are air-conditioned and have comfortable and well-cushioned seats making the three and a half hour journey to Ninh Binh a pleasant one. 

For those traveling as part of a bigger group, there is the option of booking a private minivan. These minivans are ideal for groups up to 9 or 10 people and offer hotel pick up and drop off. They make stops along the way for food, toilet breaks, and to stretch your legs. Departure times can be decided based on your convenience. 

Hiring a private car/taxi 

If comfort, convenience, and privacy is what you are looking for, then booking a private car might be the best option. You can choose a standard-sized vehicle if you are traveling alone or as part of a small group (up to three passengers). More spacious SUVs are available for families or groups of up to five passengers. They offer flexibility in terms of departure times, and when you need to take breaks during the journey. 


What to see when traveling from Halong Bay to Ninh Binh?

The route from Halong Bay to Ninh Binh is a scenic one and gives you a wonderful glimpse into the beautiful Vietnam countryside. If you are traveling by private minivan or taxi, stop for a while to take in the quaint rural scenes and capture a few of these images to take back with you.

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  • T
    Es gab eine Toilettenpause zwischendurch, welche etwas länger dauerte, da in der Zeit andere Fahrgäste zustiegen und wir dadurch etwa 20 min Verspätung hatten, dafür aber hat uns der Busfahrer kurz vor Halong Endstation in einen anderen Kleinbus umsteigen lassen, der uns direkt zum Hafen in Halong brachte, sodass wir das Stück nicht zu Fuß gehen mussten und rechtzeitig zu unserem Schiff kamen. Also ich kann den Bus beruhigt weiterempfehlen. Die Sitze sehen auch tatsächlich so aus wie auf den Fotos und sind sauber und bequem.
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    It was very comfortable and the driver helped us to find our hotel. He was punctual. Everything good.
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    Punctual and nice service. Very timely and kind. Prompt response and very comfortable minivan. The driver was kind, but drove a bit crazily.
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