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Sep - Nov
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"Ba Trai Dao beach "
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Ha Long Bay has been known for decades as a traveler's dream spot, receiving roughly 6 million visitors a year. Ha Long Bay has more than a whopping 1,600 islands, and is located 144km from Hanoi. They say the best time of year to visit Ha Long Bay is from September to November and then from the month of March to May and that’s because there is no rain and the temperatures are mild. There are different types of trips that a traveler can make in Ha Long Bay as there really is something for everybody. Couples can have a romantic honeymoon style holiday, backpackers can have a fun bucket-list fueled experience. If you simply want to lounge or take a relaxing cruise, then that’s available too! Thanks to the modern road work, getting from one city to the next has never been easier. We cant take you to places like Hanoi, Ninh Binh and more.

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Top reviews

Door to door in 2 1/2 hours. Great service.
Halong to Hanoi
Everything went really well. Great service Thanks
Great Ride
Comfortable quick journey from ha long to hanoi
Beautiful well appointed van. Prompt
Beautiful well appointed van. Prompt and helpful driver.
Hanoi Halong
Very comfortable ride and a
Very comfortable ride and a respectful driver who kept us safe
Not so bad but don't want to use anymore
First, using car with other person. The car has seats for 5 person. So before boarding car, there were already 3 people on board. The number of people was fine, but it was inconvenient for the rider to talk or make phone calls. Second, arriving incorrect time in Hanoi. We got out of the car for the last time. We had to stop by two places for other person before we got off, so it was late. It took over 3 hours Halong bay to Hanoi station. Third, the unfriendliness of a driver. While driving us to Hanoi station, the driver laughed and talked on the phone with another person for a long time. Our arrival station was Hanoi Station, but he talked on the phon with other person and drove a minute past the distance. I told him that my destination was Hanoi station, but he didn't understand English and stopped the car with a look of embarrassment. So we got out of the car and walked five minutes away with the carrier.
45 Minutes Late
Pick up point not marked, very late, and very small cramped seats
Hat alles super geklappt. Sehr
Hat alles super geklappt. Sehr komfortable Sitze.
Very good seats