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1 way to get from Ha Giang to Halong Bay

Taking a bus from Ha Giang to Halong Bay
Know before you go

Buses from Ha Giang to Ha Long Bay are a straightforward option to take in order to move you forward in your adventures. Buses come equipped with air conditioning, but seat conditions often vary between sleeper and upright. This is an inexpensive choice but often the buses make local pickups.

  • Pros
    • Free cancellations
    • Bus stations in center
    • Cost effective
    • Blankets provided
    • Stable journey time
    • Luggage allowance
  • Cons
    • Departure time limited to specific time of day
    • Need overnight accommodation
    • Cramped conditions
    • No toilet on board
    • Late night arrival
    • Possible motion sickness
    • Shared bus: possibly noisy and crowded
    • Possible language barrier
    • Middle of night arrival
Most popular rides

About the ride from Ha Giang to Halong Bay

A bike ride on the Ha Giang Loop is sure to leave you in a blissful state of mind. And while you might not want to leave the undeniable charm of Ha Giang, the good news is there are spectacular sights and experiences to be discovered in Halong Bay. 

Halong Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of Vietnam’s most visited tourist destinations. It’s known for its majestic limestone karsts that rise from its waters. 

To discover the incredible beauty of this region, hop on a cruise. You can sign up for a single-night cruise or sail through its waters on a multi-night itinerary. 

If you are up for some adventure, there’s plenty to do here. Kayak around and chance upon gorgeous (and empty) beaches! Dive in and snorkel in its crystal clear waters, explore caves or try your hand at rock climbing. The floating village of Vung Vieng is worth a visit too.

End the evening with a sumptuous dinner of the freshest seafood and a glass of bubbly as you reflect on a day filled with the most remarkable discoveries. 

The distance from Ha Giang to Halong Bay is a little less than 300 miles (465 km). 

Travelers can cover this distance either by bus, private taxi, minivan, or train. 

Buses are a popular and cost-effective choice, but private taxis and minivans are the fastest. Travel time, if you choose a taxi or minivan, is around 8-9 hours. 

Given the travel time and the number of attractions to visit, a Ha Giang day trip is not advisable. 


What to see when traveling from Ha Giang to Halong Bay

Stunning mountain views bid adieu as you drive from Ha Giang to Halong Bay. If you are traveling during the daytime, you’ll see the charming hills and valleys of Ha Giang as your vehicle starts its descent down, twisting and turning along with the road. 

While this is certainly advantageous if you are taking a daytime bus, a nighttime departure allows you to get some shut-eye and wake up refreshed in Halong Bay.


How to get from Ha Giang to Halong Bay

Taking a bus from Ha Giang to Halong Bay


One of the most popular ways to travel this route is by bus. Travel time is around 10 to 11 hours

With ticket prices ranging from $15 - $27 per person, this is undoubtedly the best way to travel from Ha Giang to Halong Bay for budget travelers and backpackers. 

You will find morning, afternoon, and evening departures. The buses that leave in the evening reach Halong Bay early morning, helping you save on hotel costs. The buses that depart in the afternoon arrive at Halong Bay in the wee hours of the morning, which might be inconvenient for some travelers.  

You can pick from local buses with basic seats that are the most economically priced. Or go for a sleeping bus that has cushioned reclining seats. Or, if you're feeling fancy, take a limousine bus that has a smaller seating capacity and provides hotel pick up and drop off services. 

All the buses are air-conditioned. Depending on the option you choose, some of the operators provide passengers with blankets. However, the buses can get quite cold with the air conditioning cranked up high, especially during the nights. So, it’s best to carry a jacket or warm cardigan.

The buses don’t have attached washrooms but make stops along the way to give passengers the chance to freshen up or use the restroom. Do note that some of the local buses have multiple pick-up points along the route. 

Some bus operators are Discovery Travel, Cuong Lan, Good Morning Cat Ba, Hung Thanh Travels, and Cau Me. You can go through Ha Giang to Halong Bay reviews to figure out which operator you want to go with.


Taking a taxi from Ha Giang to Halong Bay

Another option for transport from Ha Giang to Halong Bay is to rent a private taxi. An eight-hour travel time makes this the fastest way to get to Halong Bay. This is ideal for those who want to pick their own departure time and need more flexibility in their travel plans.

All private taxis provide the convenience of hotel pick up and drop off and offer more legroom and luggage space when compared to a bus. Since the journey is a reasonably long one, you can always stop at any point for food or stretch your legs. 

This option is perfect for families traveling with young children or couples and single travelers who prefer comfort and convenience and don’t mind paying a little extra for it. 


Taking a minivan from Ha Giang to Halong Bay

Those traveling as part of a group or looking for an alternative to buses can consider traveling by minivan. The travel time of minivans is similar to that of private taxis around eight to nine hours.

This is the best way to get from Ha Giang to Halong Bay if you are traveling with a small group of, say, 6-7 other people. Book a private minivan for your group. You’ll get the convenience of hotel drop-off and pick-up and also be able to select your departure time.


Taking a train from Ha Giang to Halong Bay

There are no direct trains from Ha Giang to Halong Bay which makes the journey rather complicated. However, those interested can take a taxi, bus, or minivan from Ha Giang to Hanoi and then catch the train from Hanoi to Haiphong. The journey from Ha Giang to Hanoi takes around six hours, and the duration of the train journey from Hanoi to Haiphong is about three hours. 

From the Haiphong railway station, you can either catch a bus or a private taxi to Halong Bay - a 1.5-hour ride away. If you are heading to Cat Ba Island, you can hop on a ferry at the Haiphong pier. 

The other option is to take a train from Lao Cai, the nearest station from Ha Giang, located 125 miles away. For this, you’ll have to take a bus, minivan, or taxi from Ha Giang to Lao Cai, take a train from Lao Cai to Hanoi, and then transfer to a bus or taxi for the rest of the journey.

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