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Nusa Penida (Penida Island) to Gili Trawangan Island, Lombok

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1 way to get from Nusa Penida (Penida Island) to Gili Trawangan Island, Lombok

Taking a ferry from Nusa Penida (Penida Island) to Gili Trawangan Island, LombokDuration: 2h 30m
Know before you go

Make sure to not spend the entire ferry ride watching TV in the cool air-conditioned cabin, take a stroll to the upper deck so as not to miss out on the striking beauty of the turquoise water as you gracefully sail above the waves. Pack your bags and don't forget the tanning lotion, because on the Gili Trawangan to Nusa Penida route the double-decker ferry is provided and we expect you to take full advantage of it! Since there is no assigned seating on the ferry, you can really sit wherever. Keep in mind that this route has limited amounts of departure times so book in advance in order to secure spots.

  • Pros
    • Toilets on board
    • Return journeys available
    • Air conditioned cabin
    • Ample luggage allowance
    • Water bottles provided
  • Cons
    • Cancellation fee
    • No pickups/ drop-offs
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