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1 way to get from Capri to Positano

Taking a ferry from Capri to PositanoDuration: 30m
Know before you go

There are 4 operators that run from Capri to Positano, with 3 departures per day. If you decide to take a ferry, you can take the Speedboat and High Speed options.

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About the ride from Capri to Positano

Pretty Positano is a mecca for the rich and glamorous but also a slice of authentic Italy, with crumbling cliffside houses, locally-run restaurants, lemon groves and a bay full of fishing boats. The town also makes a convenient base for exploring the Amalfi Coast and visiting Mount Vesuvius, Pompeii, and Naples.

The only way to reach Positano from Capri is by boat, which you already know, as that’s how you must have arrived on the island in the first place! You can book several different ferries to take you back to the mainland depending on the time you want to travel. The journey takes a quick 30 or 40 minutes. If budget isn’t an issue, you can also arrive like a movie star on a private speedboat (6 or 8 people).

Boats leave from the jetty in front of Via Marina Grande, about a 20-minute walk from the center of Capri Town. You’ll arrive in Positano at the jetty next to the town beach at the foot of the cliffs. You might want to consider paying a porter to help you with your bags, as the walk to the plaza where the taxis are is uphill.


What you’ll see when traveling from Capri to Positano

Have your camera handy as it’s a pretty ride past some of the most beautiful features of the Amalfi Coast, including the limestone cliffs of Capri, and the cliffside houses of Positano. 


How to get from Positano to Capri

By speedboat ferry

Operated by a well-known company on the Amalfi Coast, the Speedboat Ferry is a small boat with covered seating on benches as well as an outdoor deck, which is where to sit for the best views and to take photos. Each suitcase you bring on board incurs a $3 fee so you might want to consider taking a bigger boat if you have a lot of baggage.


By highspeed ferry

Two Highspeed Ferries operate on this route. The NLG (Navigazione Libera del Golfo)  ferry takes 30 minutes, departing in the late afternoon, and the Alicost ferry takes 40 minutes, departing once every day at around the same time. 

These boats are larger than the Speedboat Ferry. There are toilets on board, and seating inside and on an outdoor bridge where you can enjoy the view. A small bag (50 cm x 35 cm x 20 cm) is free, but larger bags cost extra.


By private speedboat

For special occasions or just for the hell of it, you can book a private speedboat between Capri and Positano through Bookaway. The Speedboat by Lucibello takes a maximum of 8 passengers and has soft white leather seating and Prosecco on tap - you get the picture!

Ferries between Capri and Positano can get busy, so we suggest purchasing your tickets in advance for travel on public holidays and during July and August. 

Be mindful of taking large or heavy bags with you on this ride. They’ll be subject to small fees, tricky to store on the boats and to carry up the hill once you arrive in Positano.

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Bookaway's customers prefer Speedboat ferry by Positano Jet

Speedboat ferry 8 PAX by Lucibellowhich usually takes 30m

FERRYPositano Jet | Lucibello | Alicost | NLG (Navigazione Libera del Golfo)

28 Km (Air)

High Speed ferry by Alicost starting at US$21