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Popular routes

Tokyo to Kyoto

2h 15mfrom $13

Kyoto to Tokyo

2h 15mfrom $13

Tokyo to Osaka

1h 5mfrom $14

Osaka to Tokyo

1h 5mfrom $13

Kyoto to Osaka

14mfrom $6

Fuji to Osaka

2h 32mfrom $38

Osaka to Kyoto

14mfrom $6

Osaka to Fuji

2h 47mfrom $38

Nagoya to Osaka

50mfrom $14

Fuji to Kyoto

2h 18mfrom $38

Kyoto to Fuji

2h 31mfrom $38

Nagoya to Kyoto

34mfrom $12

Nagoya to Tokyo

1hfrom $13

Tokyo to Yokohama

18mfrom $10

Osaka to Hiroshima

1h 25mfrom $49

Osaka to Nagoya

50mfrom $15

Tokyo to Fuji

1h 10mfrom $36

Kyoto to Nagoya

34mfrom $12

Osaka to Kobe

13mfrom $11

Osaka to Saitama

7h 50mfrom $20

Tokyo to Toyama

55mfrom $18

Tokyo to Nagoya

1hfrom $13

Yokohama to Osaka

1h 5mfrom $15

Osaka to Yokohama

1h 5mfrom $14

Shizuoka to Osaka

2h 20mfrom $51

Fukuoka to Hiroshima

1h 2mfrom $39

Tokyo to Akita

1h 5mfrom $127

Kyoto to Hiroshima

1h 36mfrom $61

Tokyo to Kanazawa

2h 29mfrom $20

Kobe to Tokyo

1h 5mfrom $14

Kumamoto to Yufuin

1h 3mfrom $31

Tokyo to Hakodate

1h 20mfrom $163

Akita to Morioka

1h 32mfrom $33

Kyoto to Kanagawa

1h 56mfrom $16

Nagano to Kobe

8h 11mfrom $46

Hiroshima to Osaka

1h 22mfrom $49

Yamaguchi to Kyoto

10h 34mfrom $61

Tokyo to Denpasar, Bali

8h 25mfrom $1,880

Kusatsu Shiga to Tokyo

6h 15mfrom $14

Yokohama to Hokkaido

1h 30mfrom $67

Niigata to Saitama

1h 42mfrom $69

Hamamatsu to Tokyo

1h 51mfrom $30

Hiroshima to Kurashiki

1h 14mfrom $34

Niigata to Tsubame

13mfrom $12

Kyoto to Wakayama

1h 30mfrom $18

Nagoya to Odawara

2h 7mfrom $59

Kusatsu Gunma to Tokyo

3h 45mfrom $22

Shizuoka to Yokohama

1h 4mfrom $36

Yamanashi to Kyoto

7h 10mfrom $51

Osaka to Hokkaido

1h 45mfrom $244

Yamaguchi to Kobe

2h 46mfrom $61

Tokyo to Shiga

6h 10mfrom $13

Tokyo to Kitakyushu

1h 40mfrom $149

Tokyo to Kuala Lumpur

7h 25mfrom $340

Tokyo to Hamamatsu

1h 54mfrom $20

Yokohama to Fukui

11h 35mfrom $30

Osaka to Toyohashi

1h 43mfrom $57

Tokyo to Busan

2h 10mfrom $237

Okayama to Fukuoka

1h 44mfrom $56

Singaraja, Bali to Tokyo

7h 30mfrom $937

Kobe to Chiba

1h 25mfrom $44

London to Tokyo

13h 35mfrom $1,340

Yamanashi to Osaka

8h 17mfrom $51
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