A charming view from within central Latvia

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Popular routes in Latvia

Tallinn to Riga

4hfrom $5

Riga to Vilnius

50mfrom $5

Riga to Tallinn

50mfrom $9

Klaipeda to Riga

45mfrom $37

Frankfurt to Riga

1d 4h 30mfrom $104

Daugavpils to Vilnius

2h 45mfrom $22

Parnu to Riga

2h 30mfrom $5

Riga to Klaipeda

39mfrom $37

Riga to Riga

20h 30mfrom $47

Riga to Siauliai

2hfrom $24

Riga to Berlin

1h 40mfrom $65

Istanbul to Riga

3hfrom $654

Riga to Amsterdam

1d 9h 20mfrom $104

Riga to Panevezys

2h 10mfrom $9

Riga to Bremen

1d 1h 40mfrom $131

Dortmund to Riga

1d 6h 20mfrom $125

Riga to Rotterdam

1d 11hfrom $137

Riga to Prague

23h 30mfrom $74

Riga to Frankfurt

1d 4h 55mfrom $103

Riga to Telsiai

2h 50mfrom $31

Bialystok to Riga

8h 45mfrom $32

Vilnius to Riga

3h 45mfrom $5

Hamburg to Riga

23h 40mfrom $75

Wroclaw to Riga

17h 45mfrom $54

Bauska to Panevezys

1h 20mfrom $10

Warsaw to Riga

11h 35mfrom $35

Bremen to Riga

1d 1h 45mfrom $131

Leipzig to Riga

22h 35mfrom $64

Stuttgart to Riga

1d 8h 35mfrom $98

Berlin to Riga

19h 45mfrom $65

Riga to Parnu

2h 30mfrom $5

Vilnius to Daugavpils

3h 10mfrom $22

Riga to Wroclaw

18h 30mfrom $54

Riga to Bauska

19h 25mfrom $45

Riga to Bialystok

9h 35mfrom $27

Riga to Stuttgart

1d 8h 40mfrom $97

Stockholm to Riga

1hfrom $168

Riga to Saint Petersburg

13h 40mfrom $60

Minsk to Riga

12h 15mfrom $55

Kaunas to Bauska

3h 5mfrom $21

Prague to Riga

23h 5mfrom $74

Riga to Pasvalys

2h 10mfrom $17

Riga to Dusseldorf

1d 8h 5mfrom $109

Riga to Dortmund

1d 6h 10mfrom $126

Riga to Stockholm

1h 10mfrom $44

Dusseldorf to Riga

1d 8h 25mfrom $108

Cologne to Riga

1d 9h 25mfrom $108

Riga to Utrecht

1d 8h 25mfrom $152

Rotterdam to Riga

1d 11h 5mfrom $137

Nuremberg to Riga

1d 5hfrom $92

Riga to Warsaw

12h 45mfrom $37

Panevezys to Bauska

1h 18mfrom $10

Utrecht to Riga

1d 8h 35mfrom $152

Suwalki to Riga

6h 25mfrom $21

Riga to Istanbul

3h 20mfrom $279

Siauliai to Riga

2hfrom $24

Riga to Bonn

1d 9h 35mfrom $104

Amsterdam to Riga

1d 9h 25mfrom $104

Riga to Minsk

8h 45mfrom $48

Telsiai to Riga

3hfrom $31

Riga to Kaunas

3h 50mfrom $15

Pasvalys to Riga

1h 50mfrom $17

Bonn to Riga

1d 10h 25mfrom $103

Panevezys to Riga

2h 5mfrom $10

Kaunas to Riga

4h 10mfrom $16

Riga to Hamburg

23h 50mfrom $75

Riga to Suwalki

7h 20mfrom $23

Bauska to Kaunas

5h 5mfrom $21

Dresden to Riga

1d 15mfrom $75

Riga to Cologne

1d 8h 55mfrom $104
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