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How to get from
Cebu to Ormoc

Cebu to Ormoc Trip Overview

Distance110 km (68.8 miles)
Price range$12-$35
Ride Duration Range3h-6h
Earliest Departure21:30
Latest Departure22:00

You will want to take a ferry to get from Cebu to Ormoc Leyte. There are only two ferries that depart each day so you will need to plan your trip accordingly. Bring your camera and swimming gear to Ormoc Leyte as it is most recognized for its parks and lakes. You can go kayaking on the water or go into town and take advantage of its reputable restaurants and bars. The weather stays warm all year with temperatures rarely departing 90 degrees during the day.

Travel Schedule Options from Cebu to Ormoc

Taking a ferry from Cebu to Ormoc

Fastest ferry: 3h

Cheapest ferry: $12

The fastest: 3h

The cheapest: $12





Reclining Seats

The available amenities for this trip are currently unavailable. For specific questions, please contact our customer service, available 24/7.

A beautiful view from within central Ormoc

About the ride from Cebu to Ormoc, Leyte

As anyone who’s been to the Philippines will tell you, the city of Cebu is a pretty distinctive blend of old and new. Remnants of its 16th-century Spanish colonial past contrast the buzzing present-day atmosphere in unique fashion. For most travellers, Cebu is an important transit hub on their Philippines adventures. One of the most memorable of these includes a trip from Cebu to Ormoc, Leyte. 

Similarly to Cebu, Ormoc is a starting point for countless excursions. Situated on the beautiful Leyte Island, the city is a launchpad for exploring everything from jungle lakes and waterfalls, to never-ending pineapple plantations and white sandy beaches. 

The question is, how do you get from Cebu to Ormoc, Leyte? It’s pretty straightforward, actually. Read on to find out!

The town of Ormoc lies around 66 miles by air from Cebu. The towns are located on opposite islands, so the only way to get from one place to another is by ferry. Thankfully, there are a number of ferry operators going from Cebu to Ormoc, Leyte.

There are 6, to be precise. Between them, they offer as many as 43 departures every day – talk about being spoiled for choice! The ferry ride takes between 2.5 and 5 hours, which you can spend in the cabins, or out on the open-air seating area, depending on the vessel you choose.


What to see when traveling from Cebu to Ormoc, Leyte

Most of the ferry docks in Cebu are located next to the city’s most important attractions. If you’ve got a little time to spare before your departure, make sure to check them out. Take a moment to admire the iconic 16th century Christian relics scattered about the neighborhood. What are 500-year-old relics doing in Cebu, you ask?

Well, Ferdinand Magellan – the first person to circumnavigate the globe – introduced the religion here five centuries ago! If you’re a history buff, make sure to pay a visit to the Cross of Magellan before you leave town. If your ferry’s not up until later, the oldest fort in the Philippines is right next door.

Departing to Ormoc will mean leaving from one of the ports in Cebu, nestled behind the nearby island of Mactan. As you leave the island, you’ll pass the picturesque Bay of Magellan, hugged by its lush green surroundings.

After that, the ride to Ormoc will take you through the calm waters of the Camotes Sea. About half-way through your journey, you’ll come up to the beautiful Camotes Islands. Get your camera ready, the coast is dotted with stunning sandy beaches and coastal resorts. Or even better, take notes, and start planning a trip to the island!

Swinging past the Camotes, the Leyte island should come into view. Turning, north, you’ll start your approach to Ormoc. The town is sheltered by its namesake, the Bay of Ormoc. Once you reach it, you’ll dock at the Ormoc City Pier. The pier is smack in the middle of the town, so you can start your explorations as soon as you step off the ferry.



Getting from Cebu to Ormoc, Leyte

Going by ferry

There’s a variety of ferry operators to choose from when going from Cebu to Ormoc. These are:


1. Oceanjet

Oceanjet offers three ferry options, each a little different with the amenities it offers. The Open Air ferry is your basic vessel that will get you from A to B for an affordable price. The seats are on the open deck, which is perfect for those of you who like to enjoy the fresh air. There are, of course, toilets on board. The Open Air Ferry to Ormoc is just US$24.88, and it takes 3 hours to reach its destination.

If you prefer travelling in a closed cabin, a Tourist ferry is a good alternative. The price is the same as with the Open Air ferry, and the indoor seating area is air conditioned. Both options have a luggage limit of 15 kg per passenger, with a 10 PHP per kilo fee if you exceed this limit. Porters may charge 50-100 PHP to carry luggage on board. One advantage the Tourist ferry has over the Open Air is that it needs 2.5 hours to get to Ormoc.

If you want to really unwind on your way to Ormoc, you can book Oceanjet’s Business ferry. Boasting more comfortable reclining seats in an air-conditioned cabin, the $39 Business ferry offers a much more pleasant ride compared to the other two ferries. For an extra $15, you can upgrade to the Business class and enjoy even more comfortable wider seats in a separate area.

All Oceanjet ferries offer discounts for return trips.


2. Roble Shipping

Then there are Roble Shipping ferries. Departing at 10:00 pm, these are ideal if you want to save a night’s worth of accommodation. Roble ferries take around 5 hours to reach Ormoc, and you can choose between the Tourist, or the Shared Cabin options. You’ll have a bed to relax in on both. The only difference is that the $19.08 Tourist ferry beds are all in a single large cabin. The beds on the US$29.19 Shared Cabin ferry are more comfy.

Both Roble ferries allow you to bring up to 20 kg of carry-on luggage. In case you want to grab a late bite, food and drinks are included on both ferries. Roble ferries offer one way trips only, so make sure you book a trip from Ormoc to Cebu in time.


3. Lite Shipping

The most affordable ferry operator going to Ormoc, Lite Shipping Tourist Ferry will take you to Leyte for just under $15. Lite Ferry vessels usually carry cargo and buses. This makes them a little slower than other light weight ferries operating on this route.

Thankfully, you have spacious bunk beds on board, as well as A/C and TV.   Lite Shipping also has a $24 Standard ferry option, which lacks TV and air-conditioning. So in this case, cheaper is better! As far as policies go, you can bring a 15 kg bag, but you will need to shell out an additional 150 PHP ($3) for every 10 kg extra you bring. 

Another thing you should have in mind about Lite Shipping ferries is that cancellations and changes are not possible after the tickets have been issued.


4. Chelsea SuperCat

With their modern speedy ferries, Chelsea SuperCat are one of the most popular options for people going to Ormoc. They offer an affordable $16.04 Economy option and a $22.45 Tourist ferry.

The difference between the two is that the higher-end Tourist ferry boasts air-conditioned cabins, and noticeably more comfortable seating. Compared to the Economy option, the Tourist ferry has a lot more leg room, which is welcome on a 3 hour trip.

You can bring up to 15 kg of luggage on both SuperCat ferries.


5. 2GO Supercat

Last but not least, you can go with one of the two 2GO Supercat ferries. You can either go with the $23.49 Tourist ferry, or the top of the range, $28.83 Business Class ferry. The 2GO tourist ferry is much like the Chelsea SuperCat Tourist ferry in terms of amenities. They are pretty comparable in pricing, too, so if you’re deciding between the two, just go with  the one that has the more convenient departure time.

The Business Ferry from 2GO is by far the most comfortable ferry running day trips to Ormoc. The sofa-like seats will ensure you’re comfortable during your journey, and you’ll have plenty of room in your air-conditioned cabin, too.

Both 2GO ferries allow you to bring two hand luggage bags up to 15 kg in weight combined.

Companies Operating from Cebu to Ormoc

Average time


Average price

$22 - $33


Average time


Average price

$21 - $29


Average time


Average price



Average time


Average price


Average time


Average price

$12 - $16

Popular stations and stops in Cebu and Ormoc

Departure stations in Cebu

Cebu Pier 1

Cebu Pier 3

Arrival stations in Ormoc

Ormoc Ferry Terminal

Ormoc City Pier

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