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How to get from
Siquijor to Cebu

Siquijor to Cebu Trip Overview

Distance127 km (79.4 miles)
Price range$33-$51
Ride Duration Range4h 30m-4h 50m
Earliest Departure23:30
Latest Departure23:30

The most affordable and easy way to get from Siquijor to Cebu is by ferry. There are two different ferry operators that transport passengers so try and book your ticket ahead of time. No need to bring a jacket as the weather stays warm all year-round. Spent some quality time on the beach and take part in some of the various water activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, whale watching, dolphin watching, and island-hopping. Also go exploring and visit some of the beautiful waterfalls and Cebu Westown Lagoon.

Travel Schedule Options from Siquijor to Cebu

A beautiful view from within central Cebu

About the journey from Siquijor to Cebu

After experiencing the tranquility of the tiny island of Siquijor, you may be wondering where the next best stop should be on your adventure through the islands of the Philippines. Perhaps somewhere bigger piques your interest, where you can really sink your teeth into the history and culture of the island while still enjoying the best of the white beaches and fantastic water sports. If that all sounds good to you, Cebu might be just what you are looking for.

The island provides a great source of history from the Spanish settlers, which you can still see many examples of through colonial architecture like the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral. Enjoy the stunning sandy beaches and renowned diving spots on the coast, or head inland to the Central Cebu protected landscape where you can hike through the hills and marvel at breathtaking views.

Your best bet for traveling between most islands in this region of the Philippines is by ferry. Boat rides between Siquijor and Cebu cannot be taken directly, but instead require a stopover and ferry connection on Bohol Island. Ferries between these islands are provided by a few operators, and you can pick from several departure times throughout the day. Whether you want to save money, travel quickly, or even bring a vehicle onboard, there are options for everyone. 

Traveling around the Central Visayas region where both Cebu and Siquijor are located, you are sure to be entranced by the beautiful island landscape where cities, beaches, and areas of wilderness all collide in close proximity.


What to see when traveling from Siquijor to Cebu

The 123 kilometer (76 mile) journey from Siquijor to Cebu is taken through the Cebu Strait, which is a relatively narrow enclosed area of ocean surrounded by lots of other islands and reefs. Ferry travel in this island region is a great way to admire the coastal landscape, clear blue waters, and multitude of fishing boats. Some ferries that take you from Siquijor to Cebu have outdoor seating so you can enjoy the sea breeze and capture photos of the island-dotted horizon. 

Traveling alongside Cebu’s coast, you will notice a mixture of interesting nature and man-made wonders. As you head into the tiny Mandaue channel where the ferry docks, you will spot the Mactan Reef Flat which is light in color and holds a plethora of sealife. On the opposite side of the ferry you will see Cebu City and its Spanish architecture. The mesmerizing Krus ni Magellan (Magellan’s Cross) sits near the coastline and is worth visiting for its beautiful artwork once you reach the island.

How to get from Siquijor to Cebu

Taking a ferry

The ferry journey from Siquijor to Cebu is an indirect journey that stops midway through the trip onto the island of Bohol. From there you will take another ferry to complete the voyage. Some ferries are provided for passengers on foot only. These ferries are usually faster and are equipped with comfy seats, toilet facilities, and air conditioning.

To pass the time there are often TVs on the boats, or you can rest and watch the peaceful ocean view from inside the cabin or out on the deck. There is also the option to choose a ferry that transports vehicles and cargo as well as passengers. Due to the increased weight on these ferries, the journeys can often be slower and so bunk beds rather than seats are provided for proper rest and comfort. Different services and operators offer ranging prices, travel times, and amenities, so it is a good idea to compare them and see which suits you best.

Whichever ferry you decide to book, if you are adding a return trip you can save up to 20% on the overall booking. Make sure before that you know how early you should arrive at the ferry port before the boat departs, as different operators will have their own policy. When you arrive at your destination, the ferry will drop you right between the side-by-side cities of Cebu and Mandaue. From there you are within easy walking distance of shops, restaurants, cultural sights, and accommodation. Alternatively, you can take a multicab around the city. 

What is the best time of year to visit Siquijor? 

The best time to visit Siquijor is between January and March when the weather is dry and often sunny. This is the perfect time to enjoy beach relaxation, water sport activities, and wilderness exploration. Temperatures during the day average at around 86° C (30°C) and 77°C (25°C) and become pleasantly cool at night. 


What is the best time of year to visit Cebu?

The best time of year to visit Cebu is between December and February, which are also the peak tourist months in Cebu. In the third weekend of January, the festival of Sinulog brings a party of costumes, music, and cultural celebration to the island, as well as many visitors which can up prices. Going into February, the tourists are less prominent, and accommodation becomes more affordable.

Companies Operating from Siquijor to Cebu

Average time

4h 50m

Average price



Average time

4h 30m

Average price



Popular stations and stops in Siquijor and Cebu

Departure stations in Siquijor

Siquijor Pier

Larena Pier

Larena Pier

Arrival stations in Cebu

Cebu Pier 1

Cebu Pier 1

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