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1 way to get from Cebu to Bohol

Taking a ferry from Cebu to Bohol
Know before you go

Just like other Filipino destinations, going from Cebu to Bohol requires a boat. Ferries travel extremely often betwen the towns, at very reasonable prices. Booking online is one way to reduce stress during your travels, but make sure to prepare for possible rain cancellations with inclement weather insurance.

  • Pros
    • Consistently short duration
    • Bathroom on board
    • Central location arrival/departure
    • Weather cancellation insurance for small fee ($3)
    • Makes no stops
  • Cons
    • Usually non refundable
    • Narrow seats
    • Weak A/C
    • Possible delays
    • Long queues
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About the ride from Cebu to Bohol

If you want to take the 75km (46 mile) journey from Cebu to Bohol, the ferry is your only option.

After spending time in Cebu City and its surroundings, you might be ready for a little more wilderness. Though Cebu has its share of outdoor adventures, Bohol is where the real excitement is, with wild jungles, adrenaline-pumping activities and the huge draw of the Chocolate Hills.

Though the Philippines is made up of over 7,000 islands, Cebu and Bohol are two of the most popular, and many tourists travel from Cebu to Bohol every single day. If you like beaches, hiking or adventure travel, traveling between Bohol and Cebu is a great way to get a fantastic fix of it all.

Getting to Bohol from Cebu is very easy. And because you only have one option for doing it - the ferry - you don’t have to go through the process of choosing between transport options. 

Taking the ferry from Cebu to Bohol offers travelers a beautiful journey. Full of blue waters and even bluer skies, the ferry to Bohol from Cebu is serene and relaxing.

Though you might see some other boats on your ferry trip from Cebu to Bohol, you’ll spend most of your time feeling isolated, like a lone voyager cruising the unknown depths of an island nation’s seas.

When traveling from Cebu to Bohol, you will depart from Cebu City Pier. But you can choose between three Bohol ports for your arrival point: Tubigon Port, Tagbilaran Port and Getafe Port. These three different ports are in different parts of the island and your journey duration will depend upon which one you choose.


What to see when traveling from Cebu to Bohol

The ferry ride to Bohol from Cebu is a fantastic one. And because the Philippines is an island nation, the country offers plenty of ocean-filled boating escapades for getting from one place to another. This is one of the best. 

If it’s one of your first ferry trips in the Philippines, you’re in for a real treat. And even if you’re a seasoned veteran, this might be one of the best ones you’ve had so far.

The ride typically lasts between one and three hours, depending on which Bohol port you decide to arrive into. The views also differ depending on your arrival port.

But generally speaking, you’ll catch glimpses of island life, with lots of hills, forests and distant greenery. You’ll also spot local people tackling their day-to-day business in the form of fishing, farming and traveling.

Rocky outcrops, fishing boats and ocean waves complete the picture, making for a serenely scenic journey.

On very clear days, the views can be particularly jaw-dropping.

Upon reaching Bohol, you’ll be greeted by a busy port, no matter which one you’ve chosen to arrive into. Though each one is slightly different, they all offer the hustle and bustle of port life, with frantic locals, docked boats and taxi drivers keen to accept your custom.

If you decide to take a taxi from the port, make sure you put your haggling skills to good use, as without haggling like a local, you’ll be charged far too much.

If you aren’t comfortable with haggling for a better price, booking a Grab is your best option. Grab is Southeast Asia’s answer to Uber, and it’s easy to use and download the app.



How to get from Cebu to Bohol


Taking a ferry 

The ferry ride from Cebu to Bohol is a relatively short trip (especially if you choose one of the shorter travel times), but you still get lots of great amenities. All ferries have onboard toilets while most have AC. Other perks include food, drinks, TVs, reclining seats and English speaking staff. Whichever option you choose, all ferries are very comfortable.

Most ferries have large windows for enjoying the spectacular views and vistas, while most also have outdoor areas for enjoying the sights in even better style.

Ferry rides can be a great place to meet other travelers and share stories. Chatting with like-minded globetrotters about your adventures is a great way to enjoy the journey from Cebu to Bohol.

There are many different styles of ferry, from Economy Ferry to First Class Ferry. Different types of ferry offer different levels of luxury, different types of seats and different extras and amenities. You should check with each individual journey to see the particulars of each option.

It’s also important to remember that although all ferries depart from the same port in Cebu, they don’t all arrive at the same port in Bohol. There are three ports which service this journey in Bohol, so check which one you want to arrive at before you book your journey!

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