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Tagbilaran City is the capital of Bohol. If you’re looking for an adventure filled holiday, then Bohol is the right destination for you. Thrill seekers will find all different types of ways to get their heart to drop, from zip lining to caves, you’re guaranteed to have fun. Cebu is only a fast ferry away and can easily be reached.

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Are there any stops during the trip?
Should I take food and water with me?
Can I take my bike with me?
Is there a flexible cancellation policy?
What is the distance between Cebu to Bohol?
What is the cheapest transport option from Cebu and Bohol?
What is the frequency of departures per day?
Can I choose my pickup / drop off location?
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Top reviews

A big thanks
Unfortunately we could not travel because of COVID 19 but the customer service for booking and reimbursement at the top. We are very happy. As soon as we can travel again and to the Philippines, we will buy our tickets through you. Thanks again and good luck
Prompt Smooth Crossing
Our ferry left Bohol on time and we had a smooth crossing to Cebu. My only criticism is regarding porter arrangements. We were charged P100 for each piece of luggage when the sign stated P50 and when questioned the porter said this was for another company. Why we had to pay anything additional for our luggage is mystery!
Moderately satisfied
The ticketing process is cumbersome and inefficient and the baggage handling and collection is chaotic. The boat is good and reasonably fast.
Great journey
No issues, all ran smoothly
Good crossing and tile arrival.
Ticket collection and baggage drop not clear and bag collection not organised.
It was ok but ferry
It was ok but ferry terminal conditions must be developed..
Good service
Quite good service
Perfectly organised
It takes a lot of
It takes a lot of time until the email that confirm the reservation sent, but we contact you in the chat and it was very helpful!
All good and clean
All good and clean