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Dec - Feb
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In order to explain the feelings Dumaguete stirs up upon visiting, one must simply refer to the city as a sleepy, college town. The locals are known for the kind and welcoming nature, and their intelligent residents (as Dumaguete is the university center of the southern islands). The air and streets are quite clean, and the city center is in close proximity to many natural wonders. Visit in the month of October to catch the “festival of festivals”, the Buglasan”, where live music and busy costumes fill up the central streets of Dumaguete, like the boulevard of Rizal. Dumaguete is also in close proximity to many extraordinary vistas, including volcanoes, ridges, and mangroves.

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Top reviews

Great trip
The trip from Cebu to Dumaguete by boat is a great way to go. If you take a bus it is 6 hours of hell on your back and bladder. The boat ride took us 4 hours and I even got some sleep. Go Business Class The staff were very helpful and had a smile. Any questions I had were answered . My only one that wasn't was the question I had about the luggage. The man charged me 200 pesos for three cases. So I ask how much apiece and he said 75 each. So you see that didn't add up. 200 is $4.00 US. So for $4.00 they took care of my bags and that is worth it. Some fast boats let you carry the bags yourself and that is not fun. The big ferry had me carry them up a gang plank that was not very easy. They had people standing there that would only help you for money. So all in all it was a great trip easy on the back and the wallet. I will travel this way again.