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2 way to get from Khao Sok to Koh Phangan

Taking a bus-ferry from Khao Sok to Koh Phangan
Know before you go

Currently, the only bookable option to get you from Khao Sok to Koh Phangan is to use the bus-ferry option. This service departs once a day, and offers a personal pick up from any hotel. Bot vehicles are air conditioned, but only the ferry may have a bathroom on board.

  • Pros
    • Transfer schedules of bus and ferry are aligned
    • Luggage allowance
    • Affordable option
    • Free cancellations
  • Cons
    • Long journey
    • No overnight accommodation replacement
    • No personal drop off service
    • Possible cancellations may occur (due to inclement weather)
    • Limited leg room in buses
Most popular rides
Taking a ferry from Khao Sok to Koh Phangan
Know before you go

There is 1 operator that run from Khao Sok to Koh Phangan. If you decide to take a ferry, you can take the Express option.

Most popular rides

About the ride from Khao Sok to Koh Phangan 

Getting from the center of the Thai peninsula and onto the island is pretty simple.  At the moment there is really only one option to get from Khao Sok to Koh Phangan, and that is the bus + ferry combination. 

The distance from Khao Sok to Koh Phangan is about 217 km (~135 miles). The journey can take between seven and a half to nine hours because Koh Phangan doesn’t have its own airport. That means that a Koh Phangan day trip is not possible from the national park. 

Driving through the center of Thailand to the coast can be an interesting experience, allowing you to see more of the countryside that you would otherwise miss. Once you get on the ferry, you’ll have the opportunity to sit outside and take in the views of the stunning Gulf of Thailand. Sitting outside is a great way to enjoy the ferry ride.

After you’ve had some time to explore all of the natural beauty Khao Sok National Park is known for, you’ll be ready for full moon parties and the island life Koh Phangan has to offer. Traveling from Khao Sok to Koh Phangan can be a little bit of a mission, but the tourist trail is well worn in Thailand and everything is pretty straightforward. 

While Koh Phangan is Thailand’s 5th largest island, it does have small island vibes. It is best known for the hedonistic Full Moon Party, which happens once a month. Even if partying all night isn’t your thing, Koh Phangan should definitely be on your list of places to check on while you are in “The Land of Smiles.” The island is home to over 30 beautiful white sand beaches, making it the perfect place to rest and recharge.

Now that you are ready to trade in the jungle forest for the beach you may be wondering How do I get from Khao Sok to Koh Phangan? Check out your transport options below.


How to get from Khao Sok to Koh Phangan 

The best way to get from Khao Sok to Koh Phangan is by combination ticket. You’ll probably be coming from Khlong Sok Town, which is where the majority of the guest houses are located and where most buses pick you up. 

Options for transport from Khao Sok to Koh Phangan include a minivan, bus + ferry combination, a bus, bus + ferry combination, or a taxi + ferry combination. In the end, the best way to travel from Khao Sok to Koh Phangan will come down to price and schedule. 


Taking a minivan, bus + ferry combo

One of the easiest ways to get from Khao Sok to Koh Phangan is to take a minivan, bus+ ferry combination. Because Koh Phangan does not have an airport, you will have to take a ferry in order to reach the island. 

The minivan, bus + ferry is a great option because there is only one transfer. You can get the minivan at Khao Sok National Park and take it to Surat Thani Airport. The trip takes about two hours and fifteen minutes and only costs $10. They have 5 scheduled routes per day, but you want to make sure that you can arrive in time for the 11 am ferry departure.

From the airport you will board a bus all the way to Koh Phangan. It is able to travel on the ferry and will take you the rest of the way. The bus ferry takes around 3 hours and 45 minutes to reach Koh Phangan and costs about $27 per person. 

The catamaran only stops once, in Koh Samui. This is nice as there is less hassle and waiting around compared to some other ferry journeys. There are bathrooms on board the ferry and the seats are relatively comfortable as well, so the nearly four hours spent on the water isn’t too bad. 


Taking a bus, bus + ferry combo

Similar to the minivan, bus + ferry option, there is a bus, bus + ferry option to get from Khao Sok to  Koh Phangan. This option will take you from Khao Sok Town to Surat Thani bus station for $8. 

It takes about two hours and 30 minutes to cover the 100 km, with busses departing every hour on the hour between 7:00 am and 16:00 pm. From Surat Thani Station you will take a bus ferry the remainder of the way. 

Raja Ferry operates one bus + ferry option per day, and it takes around 4 hours and 45 minutes. While this is a slightly longer journey, it is only $16 per person, making it the cheapest option. 

Make sure you check with the ferry operator to ensure that it is running. This ferry can often be canceled during the off-season or due to poor weather coniditions.

Taking a ferry + taxi 

If you don’t want to deal with waiting around for your transfer or would prefer to avoid large groups of people for at least part of the journey, you could opt to take a taxi from Khao Sok Town to Lomprayah Tapee Pier. This drive is approximately 125 km (about 78 miles) and would take around two hours. The ride would cost between $45 and $60. 

Once at the pier, you can depart for Koh Phangan. There is one ferry between Lomprayah and Koh Phangan per day, at 11:30 am and it takes about two hours. This portion of the trip would cost around $22, so it would not be the cheapest way to travel. However, it would be nice to have your own space and set your own schedule to arrive at the ferry. Also, when you consider how far it is from Khao Sok to Koh Phangan, it isn’t that bad of a deal.

Another taxi option is to drive 183 km (about 114 miles) from Khao Sok Town to Don Sak Pier. By car, this would take around two hours and forty-five minutes to three hours. The taxi ride alone would cost anywhere from $70 to $100, but this option may be for you if you are traveling with a small group of people who could split the cost or prefer to set your own schedule. 

Once you arrive at Don Sak, you could take the 2 hours and 30-minute ferry over to Koh Phangan. Ferries depart at 10 am and 11 am each day, so make sure to leave with plenty of time to get to the pier. It is also a good idea to consider that it could be difficult to find a taxi willing to make either of these trips, so you should book something ahead of time.

Regardless of how you choose to travel from Khao Sok to Koh Phangan, you’ll be glad you did. Koh Phangan is the perfect island to explore or relax because it has something for every type of traveler. Once you arrive on Koh Phangan, you’ll appreciate Thailand’s natural beauty and be ready to sit mojitos while enjoying those Instagramable sunsets.

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