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Dong Ha to Hue

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2 ways to get from Dong Ha to Hue

Taking a Minivan from Dong Ha to HueDuration: 1h
Know before you go

There is 1 operator that run from Dong Ha to Hue, with 3 departures per day. If you decide to take a Minivan, you can take the Luxury option.

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Taking a Train from Dong Ha to HueDuration: 1h
Know before you go

When boarding a train from Dong Ha to Hue prepare to be wowed by Vietnamese hospitality. In all the cabins there is air-conditioning, WiFi, charger sockets and clean sheets. There are bathrooms in each carriage. There’s no shuttle to and from the stations so you will have to arrange additional services beyond.

  • Pros
    • Modern train experience
    • Clean accommodations
    • Partially refundable
    • Central train stations
    • Full amenities
  • Cons
    • No pick ups
    • No rest stops
    • No other transport option
    • Shared bathroom
    • Need to show voucher/passport
Most popular rides

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Bookaway's customers prefer Luxury Minivan by Dong Hanh Limousine

Luxury Minivan by Dong Hanh Limousine which usually takes 1h

MINIVANDong Hanh Limousine

TRAINViolette Trains

63 Km (Air)

Luxury Minivan by Dong Hanh Limousine starting at US$5

Approximately, there are 4 departures each day.