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Stations in Hue  

Phia Nam Hue Bus Station (No. 57)logo
Phia Nam Hue Bus Station (No. 97)logo
The Sinh Tourist Hue officelogo
Amona Hotellogo
Hanh Cafe - Huelogo
HAV Travel Station Huelogo
62 Chu Van An Stationlogo
Hoang Duc Limousine - Huelogo
Viet Nam Locals, Huelogo
Phu Bai Airport (HUI)logo
24 Võ Thị Sáu Street, Huelogo
12 Dương Văn Anlogo
Huong Giang Hue Officelogo
Ba Trieulogo
Southern Bus Station Huelogo
Thanh Luong Gas Stationlogo
Hue - Any hotellogo
11 Đội Cung Streetlogo
15 Dương Văn Anlogo
Lang Co Beachlogo
49 Chu Van An, Huelogo
31 Chu Văn An, Huelogo
Hue Train Stationlogo
Northern Bus Station Huelogo
Thuan An Beachlogo
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A two hour trip from Da Nang is the city of Hue. Hue has a good cocktail of city life: bars, restaurants, hotels and so much history. Be prepared to see a whole lot of pagodas, rivers and important landmark sites. A must see attraction in Hue is the Imperial City. It was once home to emperors who ruled over the country. The space is made up of historical buildings and you can easily spend a good couple of hours wandering around. There may be an international consensus that Vietnamese food is amazing, but the food in Hue is extra special because with over 1,000 unique dishes, it’s food is known as royal. Hue has an international airport, so it’s easy to book a pickup from the airport to your hotel and vice versa. If you want to travel to cities like Hanoi, Hoi or Ninh Binh, book a bus or a van to travel with ease.

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