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A two hour trip from Da Nang is the city of Hue. Hue has a good cocktail of city life: bars, restaurants, hotels and so much history. Be prepared to see a whole lot of pagodas, rivers and important landmark sites. A must see attraction in Hue is the Imperial City. It was once home to emperors who ruled over the country. The space is made up of historical buildings and you can easily spend a good couple of hours wandering around. There may be an international consensus that Vietnamese food is amazing, but the food in Hue is extra special because with over 1,000 unique dishes, it’s food is known as royal. Hue has an international airport, so it’s easy to book a pickup from the airport to your hotel and vice versa. If you want to travel to cities like Hanoi, Hoi or Ninh Binh, book a bus or a van to travel with ease.

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Alomst misssed our train Hue to Hanoi
Yesterday we did take the train from Hue to Hanoi. We received your confirmation about departure time of 21.25 of the Lotus train as we booked. However, at the Hue station we got the ticket of the SE020 train to Hanoi leaving at 20.34. This was the only train for Hanoi. We arrived at the station around 20.40 We had good luck that the train had a delay of 30 minutes. Otherwise we would have missed the train. Secondly we saw the price of the ticket of VND 770.000. However we paid much higher price around 43 euros. This is a much higher price than the ticket price
Livitrans booking
Booking went very smoothly and staff were so easy and quick to respond, and we were able to exchange tickets right away at the station. The train itself wasn’t the best and pretty gross. There were bugs everywhere, and toilets were disgusting. But I would definitely recommend book away.