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Dong Ha to Hanoi

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1 way to get from Dong Ha to Hanoi

Taking a Train from Dong Ha to HanoiDuration: 12h 30m
Know before you go

When boarding a train from Dong Ha to Hanoi prepare to be wowed by Vietnamese hospitality. In all the cabins there is air-conditioning, WiFi, charger sockets and clean sheets. There are bathrooms in each carriage. This is an overnight journey so wear comfortable clothes and download movies and music to get you through it.

  • Pros
    • Overnight accommodation replacement
    • Excellent service
    • Clean accommodations
    • English speaking services
    • Toilet on board
  • Cons
    • Need to show voucher/passport
    • Bumpy ride
    • No pick ups
    • No other transport option
    • Shared cabin - little privacy
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Bookaway's customers prefer Economy Train by Violette Trains

Economy Train by Violette Trainswhich usually takes 12h

TRAINViolette Trains | Vietnam Railways

487 Km (Air)

Second Class Seat Train by Vietnam Railways starting at US$32

Approximately, there are 8 departures each day.