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Bacolod at a glance

High season

June - Nov
Current weather
Place you can't miss
The Ruins
Local currency
Good to know
Many travellers may expect the "same old, same old" from the Filipino islands: white beaches, blue waters, and Spanish influence. Of course, while all of that is still evident in Bacolod, this island takes a really special turn. Bacolod is considered to be, by many, “the city of smiles”. This name doesn’t come just from the friendly nature of Bacolodians. Once a year, there’s a festival called the “Masskara”. This festival originated quite recently and aided the city to come out of financial ruin. Nowadays, Bacolod presents pride in their identities and happiness with a colorful parade, filled with extravagant, neon costumes, magical dancing, and smiling masks galore.

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