A beautiful view from within central Railay Beach

How to get from

Bangkok to Railay Beach

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1 way to get from Bangkok to Railay Beach

Taking a bus-ferry from Bangkok to Railay Beach
Know before you go

When going from Bangkok to Railay Beach, the journey may require two modes of ground transportation, and a bus-ferry combo is an ideal answer. The longest leg of this trip consists of a drawn-out bus ride, after which you'll have to switch to a ferry at Suratthani. From there, your ferry will float until it reaches it's destination: Railay Beach.

  • Pros
    • Free cancellations
    • Reclining seats (in both vehicles)
    • Possible overnight accommodation replacement
    • Bathroom on board ferry
    • Air conditioned cabin
  • Cons
    • Very long journey
    • Limited departure times per day
    • No other transport options
    • No return journeys available
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