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4 ways to get from Hua Hin to Bangkok

Taking a car from Hua Hin to BangkokDuration: 3h
Know before you go

Like most things in the world, quality depends on price. If you are looking to make it to Bangkok in style, take a private car or van. The service options vary so even if you are on a budget you can sit comfortably in the back seat and discuss life with the driver.

  • Pros
    • Pick up anytime
    • Free cancellations
    • English speaking drivers
    • Air conditioned cabin
    • Maximum comfort
  • Cons
    • Car seat for baby - extra charge
    • Pricey
    • Might provide few interactions with locals
    • Need to inform driver of stops in advance
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Taking a minivan from Hua Hin to BangkokDuration: 3h
Know before you go

The best thing about van travel between Hua Hin and Bangkok is, honestly, how cheap it is. It’s super quick, and will get you to famous resort town without issue. There are few class options when it comes to van but make sure to prepare for extremes when it comes to air conditioning.

  • Pros
    • Lots of departure times
    • Reclining seats
    • Straightforward services with no surprises
    • Consistent travel duration: no traffic delays
  • Cons
    • Refundability varies
    • Luggage limitations
    • Limited amenities
    • Possibly cramped cabin
    • No onboard toilet
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Taking a bus from Hua Hin to BangkokDuration: 3h 30m
Know before you go

Buses are a much more spacious way to get from Hua Hin to Bangkok. Kick back in your reclining seat and play some Candy Crush as you wait to approach beautiful blue waters. Most buses in Thailand are nearly the same when it comes to cabin comfort, but make sure to book in advance.

  • Pros
    • Consistent travel duration: no traffic delays
    • Straightforward service with no surprises
    • Clean and comfortable cabins
    • Quick journey
    • Has toilet on board
  • Cons
    • Makes no personal pick ups
    • Non refundable
    • Bangkok airport drop off only
    • Few amenities - only basic necessities provided
    • Narrow seats
Most popular rides
Taking a train from Hua Hin to BangkokDuration: 5h 30m
Know before you go

There is 1 operator that run from Hua Hin to Bangkok, with 3 departures per day. If you decide to take a train, you can take the Second Class Seat, Second Class Lower Bed, Second Class Upper Bed, First Class Lower Bed, and First Class Upper Bed options.

Most popular rides

About the journey from Hua Hin to Bangkok

Visiting Hua Hin is a great way to slow the pace of your travels in Thailand and relax among the Thai holiday-goers while being surrounded by beaches and mountains. Once you are ready to get back to the faster pace of life, Bangkok is the perfect city to start your next adventure.

Your 146 kilometer (90 mile) journey from Hua Hin to Bangkok can be taken by bus, minivan or car with numerous operators that offer different lengths of journey, ticket prices, and onboard amenities. You can therefore tailor your journey around what is most important to you, whether that be saving money, comfort, or the amount of time you are willing to travel.  

Arriving in Bangkok is always an exhilarating experience due to the incredible mix of some of Thailand’s most recognizable sights including the beautiful Buddhist temples, famous street food, and friendly smiling people.


What to see when traveling from Hua Hin to Bangkok

When traveling from Hua Hin to Bangkok, your short journey will take you partially along the coast of the Gulf of Thailand, where you can enjoy the views of the ocean as you leave them behind for the big city. If you are sad to say goodbye to the water, don’t worry, as you can take boat tours and visit markets on the Chao Phraya River that flows through Bangkok once you’ve arrived.

There are lots of interesting sights that you may pass on your journey from Hua Hin to Bangkok. These include the child-friendly petting zoo in Cha-am, the Swiss Sheep Farm, and the Tham Khao Yoi caves and temple in the Phetchaburi region.


How to get from Hua Hin to Bangkok

Taking a bus 

The Economy Bus by Bell Travel Services takes you from Hua Hin to Bangkok in approximately 4 hours. The bus has air conditioning and toilet facilities but will also make rest stops along the way to let you buy snacks or stretch your legs. Cancellations on the Hua Hin to Bangkok bus are not possible, but you are able to change your booking with a 10% fee up to 48 hours before the journey.

Taking a minivan 

Taking the journey from Hua Hin to Bangkok by minivan offers great flexibility with many operators providing lots of departure times, a range of class options, and often the choice for hotel pick ups and drop offs. 

Certain minivan classes offer different amenities such as WiFi but are always fitted with the standard air conditioning and have reclining seats or a footrest. Minivans offer differing numbers of seats with the maximum being 9. Be aware that if your group does not fill up the bus, the driver may pick up other travelers on the way. 

Some minivan operators offer the cheapest options out of all 3 modes of transport for traveling from Hua Hin to Bangkok.

Taking a car

Car travel from Hua Hin to Bangkok is the most luxurious option, offering private transfers for up to 3 or 4 passengers depending on the operator. Most car operators can take you to and from your hotels in Hua Hin and Bangkok and can be booked for a departure time of your choosing. 

Some car operators specifically state that they have English speaking drivers, so if you are looking to chat to a local and get recommendations, now is your chance. The comfort and flexibility of a private car hire means there is a price jump from buses and minivans, but changes and cancellations are free up to 48 hours before departure.


When is the best time of year to visit Hua Hin? 

The high season in Hua Hin between October and December is the best time to visit due to the warm, dry weather and availability of beach activities.


When is the best time of year to visit Bangkok?

The best time of year to visit Bangkok depends on your preferences for weather and number of other tourists. The best weather and quieter time of year is during the dry season between November and February.

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    Coronaschutz wurde eingehalten - auch wenn der Bus nur zur Hölfte benutzt werden konnte - es wurden 2 Busse zur gleichen Zeit eingesetzt - Bravo
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Bookaway's customers prefer Second Class Lower Bed train by Thai Railway

Comfort car 3 PAX by Bangkok Taxi 24which usually takes 2h 30m

90 Km (Air)

Standard minivan by Win Poo Yai Piak starting at US$7