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How to get from
Chiang Mai to Bangkok

Chiang Mai to Bangkok Trip Overview

Distance567 km (354.4 miles)
Price range$7-$313
Ride Duration Range1h 5m-16h
Earliest Departure23:30
Latest Departure23:35

Chaing Mai is 700 km from Bangkok, so it's not a short trip. The most affordable way is by bus or train, while the more expensive plane route will get you there faster. A night train is affordable and gives you more comfort. Besides its reputation of an enjoyable nightlife, Bangkok is perfect for sightseers who want to experience the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew. The best time to visit Bangkok is between November and February when the weather is slightly cooler but much drier compared to the summer months.

Travel Schedule Options from Chiang Mai to Bangkok

Taking a bus from Chiang Mai to Bangkok

Fastest bus: 9h 30m

Cheapest bus: $19

The fastest: 9h 30m

The cheapest: $19


Free cancellations

Widespread pick up locations

Meal & taxi included

Blankets given

Reclining seats


Departure times limited to specific part of day

Possible motion sickness

Bumpy journey

Unstable WiFi connection

Possibly iffy cleanliness



Reclining Seats







The fastest: 9h 50m

The cheapest: $7




The fastest: 9h

The cheapest: $313


Time advantage

Air conditioned cabin

Great value

Price includes up to 9 people

Ample luggage allowance


Long journey

Non refundable

Not solo traveler friendly: expensive

Possibility: no rest stops



The fastest: 9h

The cheapest: $234


Private transfer (personal pick up and drop off)


Perfect for groups

Comfortable travel

Knowledgeable driver



Difficult and bumpy road

Possible traffic

Long journey

Limited pick up locations



The fastest: 1h 5m

The cheapest: $40




A beautiful view from within central Bangkok

About the ride from Chiang Mai to Bangkok

     Once it’s time to move on from Chiang Mai’s laid-back vibes, and head to the capital, Bangkok, you have a variety of ways to make the 690 km (428 mile) journey. 

     It’s quite a long journey, you’re looking at about 9 hours minimum to get from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, but don’t worry, you have three comfortable options to get there; you can take a VIP Sleeper Bus - which takes 10 hours - , go by private minivan - and be there in 9 hours - , or take the train - you can choose between first and second class, and it will take 13 hours.

     As the journey is long, we recommend one of the sleeper options. Travelling at night means you can sleep through the journey, saving on accommodation costs, and arrive in Bangkok bright and early, and ready to explore. 

     Bangkok needs no introduction. It’s the capital of Thailand, and is famous for its temples, its beautiful rooftop bars, not to mention the traveler’s hub of Khao San Road, street food, and parties. Whether you’re planning to stay a while in Bangkok, or are just passing through, we will help you book the best journey for you. 


What to see when traveling from Chiang Mai to Bangkok

     What you’ll see depends on the time you travel. We would recommend taking one of the sleeper options, which means there won’t be an awful lot to see outside the window, but you will be able to catch a beautiful sunrise early in the morning, at around the time you start to enter the city of Bangkok. There’s nothing like a beautiful, city sunrise to welcome you to Bangkok. 

     If you travel during the day, you’ll be treated to long, winding roads, and plenty of lush greenery as you travel from northern Thailand, all the way down south. You can watch the landscape change from the green mountains of Chiang Mai, and become more tropical as you work your way down to Bangkok. 

     If you’re traveling by road, expect to see small towns and daily life occurring as you travel, which will transform into bright lights and organised chaos as you approach Bangkok, as well as a bit of traffic, and hustle and bustle around the cities.


How to get from Chiang Mai to Bangkok


Taking a bus 

     Taking the bus is the most popular way to get from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, as it’s cost effective, comfortable, and allows you to travel through the night, meaning you can sleep the journey away, and wake up in Bangkok, with a full day ahead of you, saving on money and maximizing your time.   

     The buses have a variety of amenities including a minimum of reclining chairs, a snack, A/C, and a bathroom on-board, with some even having WiFi, charging terminals (check the specific amenities when you book). There will also be rest stops to stretch your legs and refresh. 


Taking a train 

     Taking a train to Bangkok from Chiang Mai is a smooth journey, which takes 13 hours. You have a choice between first and second class, with the difference being that the first class option is a sleeper with a bunk bed for you, whereas second class is a seat. We’d go for the first class option, especially if you’re planning to travel through the night, as it will be more comfortable when it comes to sleeping. 

     Most of the carriages will have A/C, and all have a bathroom available. It’s about a 15 minute car journey from the train station to central Bangkok, and you can either get a taxi there, or use the Grab or Uber apps. 


Taking a minivan

Booking a private minivan from Chiang Mai to Bangkok is a great option if you’re traveling in a group, or with young children. The minivan can accommodate up to 9 people, and will arrange with you where to pick you up and drop you off. Breaks and rest stops can also be arranged upon request. 

     Taking a minivan is the most expensive option, but gives you greater privacy, flexibility, and space, and provides door-to-door service, collecting you from our accommodation in Chiang Mai, and dropping you off at your accommodation in Bangkok. 

Companies Operating from Chiang Mai to Bangkok

Average time


Average price



Average time

1h 5m - 1h 35m

Average price

$40 - $80


Average time

1h 20m

Average price

$44 - $54


Average time

1h 10m

Average price



Popular stations and stops in Chiang Mai and Bangkok

Departure stations in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai International Airport

Chiang Mai Bus Terminal 2 (Arcade Bus Terminal)

Chiang Mai Bus Terminal 3

Chiang Mai - Any hotel

Chiang Mai Airport

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Arrival stations in Bangkok

Bangkok Don Mueang Airport (DMK)

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK)

Thaisriram Transport (Khaosan Office) Bangkok

Bangkok Bus Terminal (Chatuchak - Mochit)

Khao San Tara Travel office

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