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1 way to get from Koh Kradan to Koh Ngai

Taking a Ferry from Koh Kradan to Koh NgaiDuration: 30m
Know before you go

Very affordably, and quite quickly, you can get from Koh Kradan to Koh Ngai by booking a ferry. This ride takes about two hours to complete. Ferries on this route provide both indoor and outdoor seating, with air conditioning in the lower deck. Keep in mind that there is no pier in Koh Kradan, and you will need to take a longtail boat from the island to the boat. This costs 50 THB, paid by cash.

  • Pros
    • Toilet on board ferry
    • Refunds provided if inclement weather cancellation
    • Ample luggage allowance
    • Air conditioned lower deck
  • Cons
    • No other transport options
    • No personal pick ups or drop offs
    • No bikes, scooters, kayaks allowed
    • Service operates only from October to April
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Bookaway's customers prefer Speedboat Ferry by Bundhaya Speedboat

Speedboat Ferry by Bundhaya Speedboatwhich usually takes 30m

FERRYBundhaya Speedboat | Satun Pakbara Speed Boat

11 Km (Air)

Speedboat Ferry by Bundhaya Speedboat starting at US$12

Approximately, there are 2 departures each day.