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1 way to get from Koh Tao to Hua Hin

Taking a Bus+Ferry from Koh Tao to Hua HinDuration: 10h 30m
Know before you go

There are 2 operators that run from Koh Tao to Hua Hin, with 2 departures per day. If you decide to take a Bus+Ferry, you can take the Standard option.

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About the ride from Koh Tao to Hua Hin

With its sparkling blues and greens, Koh Tao is the perfect island destination. Dive into its crystal clear waters and discover a magical world of multi-colored coral gardens and kaleidoscopic fishes and sea creatures. You might even get to come face to face with the Green turtle and Hawksbill turtle. After all, Koh Tao translates to Turtle Island and is named after these wise-looking, graceful animals. 

You could sign up for a snorkeling cruise with one of the many operators on the island or rent a kayak and go around discovering dive spots on your own. The John Suwan Viewpoint and Fraggle Rock are known for their spellbinding sunsets and sunrises. Don’t forget to take your camera! Nights call for food and fire. Well, fire shows, to be precise, enjoyed with some of the freshest seafood and washed down with a cold sundowner.

Hua Hin transformed from a charming fishing village into a popular beach resort destination in large part due to the Thai royal family who built their summer palaces near its beautiful beaches. The town now boasts picture-perfect beaches, a lush tropical landscape, and some lip-smacking seafood.

The most popular spot in town is Hua Hin beach, the perfect place for kitesurfing, banana boat rides, swimming, and simply lazing on its sand and working on that tan. The manicured gardens and airy verandahs of the Maruekhathaiyawan Palace are worth a visit too. To explore the island’s dense rainforests, visit the Kaeng Krachan National Park, Thailand’s largest national park, known for its rich biodiversity.

The Khao Daeng Viewpoint is also worth a visit for its sweeping views of the mountains and ocean. If you are up for a little adventure, trek your way to Phraya Nakhon Cave and visit the beautiful temple located inside it. The cave lights up at around 10:00 am when the sun’s rays pour in through the cave’s ceiling casting a golden glow all around.

The 290 miles (465 km) distance from Koh Tao to Hua Hin takes around seven to nine hours to cover and can only be done by taking a bus-ferry combination. Travelers need to take a ferry from Koh Tao and then transfer to a bus or minivan at Chumphon to get to Hua Hin. The buses and ferries are air-conditioned, and you can choose between a morning and evening departure time.


What to see when traveling from Koh Tao to Hua Hin

The ferry ride from Koh Tao to Chumphon is one of the best ways to experience the blue-green waters of the Gulf of Thailand. The ride from Chumphon to the Hua Hin city center is also filled with sights of swaying trees and the coastline. Of course, if you are traveling at night, you would get little chance to see any of these, and the best thing to do would be to catch up on your sleep. 


How to get from Koh Tao to Hua Hin

Taking a bus 

The only way travelers can get to Hua Hin from Koh Tao is by taking a ferry from the Mae Haad Pier in Koh Tao and then transferring to a bus at Chumphon. The bus or minivan then takes passengers to the Hua Hin town center.

Travel times are around seven to nine hours, and passengers can choose from a morning or evening departure. The buses and ferries have air conditioning. 

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Speedboat Bus+Ferry by Lomprayahwhich usually takes 9h

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Standard Bus+Ferry by Fame Tours & Services starting at US$41

Approximately, there are 2 departures each day.