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Oct - Dec
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Hua Hin Night Market
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Good to know
Hua Hin is a wonderful combination between shore and sea. You’ll find many Thai citizens there for the weekend or taking a holiday themselves, even the Thai royal family. This city has amazing beaches, views, mountains and a heck of a lot more. Hua Hin is typically known for the railway station, the Fishing Pier and the Night Market, which are all a must see. Located roughly 3 hours away from Bangkok, travelers can have piece of mind knowing they’ll be picked up and dropped off at their hotels.

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Top reviews

Urlaub verlängert
Deutschland ist zu gefährlich - da schau ich mir lieber Thailand an - BKK - Pattaya - Hua Hin - BKK - mal sehen ob das in 2 Wochen zuhause besser wird
Satisfying voyage
The ferry was clean, the personnel friendly (though not much English), the seats comfortable but a strange NO ALCOHOL Policy . . . which nobody could explain… (maybe seasickness?) . . .
well done
everything as expected
It was ok service
My only comment would be good service but for the nominal extra charge for business, would be good to have priority queue for business passengers when boarding and leaving
Ride to Hua Hin
Almost comfortable ride exept for some little seasickness in the end.
Royal ferry
Great service ... really enjoyed it Smooth crossing Expensive to travel but that was the only downfall
Booking was easy, crossing nice
Booking was easy, crossing nice ,staff where great.