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Sep - Nov
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Fan Si Pan mountain
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Situated in northern Vietnam by the Chinese border lies Sapa (Sa Pa) and is considered Vietnam’s top destinations. Sapa is roughly a six hour trip from Hanoi but believe me, it’s worth it. The scenery is truly amazing with the surrounding mountains and colors of nature. What’s great about Sapa is that you can visit during any time of the year - the weather is very comfortable year round. If trekking floats your boat, you’ve hit the jackpot. You can walk through mountains so high into the clouds and take in the breathtaking landscapes. Along with the views, Sapa is known for it’s ethnic tribes which you’ll probably run into at the markets. Most travelers connect their trip to Sapa with a visit to Hanoi, you can easily book a private van or tourist bus to Hanoi.

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Top reviews

Le voyage c'est bien passé,
Le voyage c'est bien passé, il y a eu des secousses, des klaxons.. Mais c'est ça le Vietnam ! L'endroit où on c'est arrêté pour manger n'était pas ouff. Sinon faut pas être trop grand pour s'allonger dans la couchette et à par ça c'est bon.
Difficult to sleep
À lot of stop, noises and ligth! But it make the job.
Die Fahrt war sehr gut.
Die Fahrt war sehr gut. Alles so wie es beschrieben war.