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How to get from
Hanoi to Cat Ba Island

Hanoi to Cat Ba Island Trip Overview

Distance128 km (80.0 miles)
Price range$9-$113
Ride Duration Range2h-4h 30m
Earliest Departure17:00
Latest Departure23:30

Taking a bus or train from Hanoi to Cat Ba Island followed by a short boat ride is the easiest way to travel from Hanoi to Cat Ba Island. The two destinations are separated by 124 km and travel time can take anywhere from three to five hours. Cat Ba Island is a great place to go hiking, exploring, or enjoying various water activities such as snorkeling, swimming, fishing, and kayaking. The best time to visit Cat Ba Island is during the Spring or Autumn months.

Travel Schedule Options from Hanoi to Cat Ba Island

Taking a bus from Hanoi to Cat Ba Island

Fastest bus: 2h 15m

Cheapest bus: $13

The fastest: 2h 15m

The cheapest: $13


Luggage allowance

Free cancellations


Avoid sea travel


Long journey

No bathroom on board

Not a luxurious experience

Simple cabin




The fastest: 2h 15m

The cheapest: $17

The available amenities for this trip are currently unavailable. For specific questions, please contact our customer service, available 24/7.

The fastest: 2h

The cheapest: $113



The fastest: 3h 30m

The cheapest: $11


Free cancellations


Luggage allowance

Short transfer time between vehicles


Possible delays: may cause difficulties during combo transfer

Popular route: may get overbooked

Makes few or none bathroom stops

No time advantage





English Speaking Staff

Reclining Seats

A beautiful view from within central Cat Ba Island

About the Ride from Hanoi to Cat Ba

For the 125km (78 mile) journey to Cat Ba from Hanoi, the best option is a combined ticket for bus and ferry.

Some tourists choose to make their own way from Hanoi to Halong Bay, and then book their own transport from Halong Bay to Cat Ba.

And although both of these route options are available, they’re really only a good idea for those travellers who specifically want to spend time in Halong before going to Cat Ba. If you’re more interested in getting straight from Hanoi to Cat Ba, a combined bus and ferry to Cat Ba from Hanoi is a much simpler option. It saves you the problem of having to book separate tickets and the headache of having to tackle several journeys.

After enjoying the non-stop chaos and culture of busy Hanoi, you might be eagerly anticipating something a little more relaxing. And that’s exactly what Cat Ba offers. Full of snorkeling, swimming, caving and hiking, it’s the perfect island getaway. For an exciting combination of jungle fun and shoreside escapades, it doesn’t get much better than Cat Ba.

The journey from Hanoi to Cat Ba is also full of fun, with three different, but equally exciting sections. 

Via bus, you’ll go from Hanoi to Ben Pha Got ferry terminal, the closest mainland point to Cat Ba. You’ll then take a boat from this terminal to a port on Cat Ba. From there, you’ll get another bus, into the center of Ca Ba island. 

The journey starts in the heart of Hanoi’s chaos and craziness, and ends at the shimmering shores of Cat Ba.

One of Vietnam’s most popular destinations, Cat Ba is the biggest island in Halong Bay. Rough, rugged and full of beautiful natural wonder, no visit to Vietnam is complete without a trip to Cat Ba.


What to see when traveling from Hanoi to Cat Ba

With a combined ferry and bus ticket to Cat Ba from Hanoi, the journey itself is interesting and exciting. 

Full of variety, the journey includes two bus trips and one ferry crossing. On the first stretch of the journey, the bus from Hanoi to Ben Pha Got ferry terminal, you’ll leave the busy roads of Hanoi, making your way past smaller settlements and cosy roadside stores. This part of the journey from Hanoi to Cat Ba takes around two hours.

Upon reaching the Ben Pha Got ferry terminal, you’ll be greeted by the boat which will take you to Cat Ba. Sometimes a ferry, sometimes a speedboat, your boat will be one of many docked in this small but bustling terminal. During your 20 minute boat ride between ports, you’ll be surrounded by the waters which Cat Ba calls home. 

On the final stretch of your journey, the bus from Cat Ba Pier to Cat Ba center, you’ll become briefly acquainted with much of the adventure that Cat Ba has to offer. Rustic homes, lush forests and crashing shores accompany you on your journey to the heart of Cat Ba Island.



How to get from Hanoi to Cat Ba

Taking a combined bus and ferry

The combined bus and ferry from Hanoi to Cat Ba is a simple journey which saves you the trouble of requiring separate tickets for separate legs of your journey. If you want to get to Cat Ba quickly and easily with no problems or complications, it’s the best way.

Because this journey is provided by a number of different companies, the specifics vary. Your bus company will usually pick you up from a pre-designated point in Cat Ba, but all providers are typically happy to pick you up from your hotel. Similarly, all providers are usually able to drop you at your hotel in Hanoi.

When you reach the mainland ferry terminal, some boats will drive on to the ferry  and therefore the one bus will take you all the way from Hanoi to Cat Ba

In other instances, one bus will take you to the mainland ferry terminal, where you’ll step off your bus and on to the ferry. When you step off the ferry at the Cat Ba dock, you’ll board a different bus, which will then take you to the center of Cat Ba. If your bus doesn’t board the boat, your boat might either be a ferry or a small speedboat.

You should check the details for each individual journey to see the services and perks which each provider offers. But whatever you choose, all journeys are simple, affordable and fun.

Companies Operating from Hanoi to Cat Ba Island

Average time

3h 30m

Average price



Average time

3h 30m

Average price



Average time

2h - 4h 30m

Average price

$11 - $113


Average time

3h 25m

Average price



Average time


Average price



Popular stations and stops in Hanoi and Cat Ba Island

Departure stations in Hanoi

Hanoi - Any hotel in the city center

Hanoi Noi Bai Airport (HAN)

Good Morning Cat Ba office - 9B Cho Gao, Old Quarter

Cat Ba Express Tours & Bus Hanoi

Nuoc Ngam Bus Station

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Arrival stations in Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba Town - Any hotel in the city center

Good Morning Cat Ba office

Cat Ba Express Cat Ba

217 Duong 1/4

68 Tung Dinh

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