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Dubrovnik at a glance

High Season

June - Aug
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Lokrum island
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Dubrovnik is adorned with Renaissance era architecture and art, instantly transporting anyone back in time. Dubrovnik sits on the Adriatic Sea, in which you can dive from the rocks into the azure water. There are natural wonders in Dubrovnik like the Blue Cave, but also man made ones like Old Town. In Old Town, there are tens of monasteries and towers built in gothic style. Dubrovnik is a place where history will envelop you and the nature will only compliment the experiences. The best time to visit is in September and October; with warm waters and enjoyable weather.

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Top reviews

nice ferry ride
Nice ferry ride.
The ship arrimes late The
The ship arrimes late The navigation was ver good
Very pleasant trip!
The boat is very clean, spacious, very fast and quiet. The seats are very comfortable and recline well. It would be nice to have access to the outside area. The safety instructions, including emergency exists, life vests location and emergency boats accessibility should have all been addressed at least through a recorded message on the overhead speaker system.
Hvar to Dubrovnik
The ferry was very organized. It was clean and the most of all on time.
Easy way to get around Croatia
We took the ferry from Havr to Dubrovnik which was super convenient. Despite the choppy seas we had a smooth sailing. My only complaint was the timing. The ferry was scheduled to leave at 8:40 and we were advised to get there 30 minutes prior, which we did. The ferry didn't arrive until nearly 9. Don't worry about getting in the queue super early! Unfortunately most of the passengers don't queue up and cut the line anyways.
Easy trip
Smooth and easy. The line to get on is a bit haphazard, but since we are at shoulder season, it wasn’t too busy. If during summer season, get there early if you want a window seat. Note: this ship didn’t have outdoor seating - it is a plane setup as it relates to searing.
It got us from A
It got us from A to B.
Easy to book, left on
Easy to book, left on time arrived on time . Toilets could be cleaner
Ferry was on time, quick and clean
Very convenient. Went from Dubrovnik
Very convenient. Went from Dubrovnik to Hvar. Left perfectly on time and arrived on time. Definitely recommend.