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1 way to get from Hvar to Dubrovnik

Taking a ferry from Hvar to Dubrovnik
Know before you go

Taking a ferry, or a catamaran, from Hvar to Dubrovnik, is a unique way to travel through Croatia. This ferry is also a quick way to get across the water, but only with one option available. The cabin is air conditioned. In case of bad weather, the trip may be cancelled and you'll be issued a refund or a departure new date.

  • Pros
    • Bathroom on board
    • Amenities: no special surprises
    • Luggage allowed
    • Free cancellation
    • Hvar pier departure
  • Cons
    • Possibly delayed departure
    • Limited to good weather
    • Passengers only (no cars)
    • Possibly very crowded on board
    • A/C may work poorly
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About the ride from Hvar to Dubrovnik

After some time spent on Hvar Island, you’ll want to stay here for the entire summer. However, it’s time to continue exploring other beautiful spots in Croatia. The next destination you’ll visit is known as the Pearl of the Adriatic, and the King’s Landing. If this doesn’t tell you you’ll have an amazing time in Dubrovnik, then nothing will!

When traveling the 210 kilometer (130 mile) distance between Hvar and Dubrovnik, you have one transportation option. The high speed ferry will take you from Hvar to Dubrovnik in just 3 hours. The ferry departs from the Harbor of Hvar, and your journey will end at the Dubrovnik Pier. Dubrovnik is a small town, so in case you booked your accommodation in the town, you’ll be within the walking distance from it. However, if your accommodation is outside of the town, you might need a taxi to get there. 

As soon as you arrive, you’ll understand why so many consider Dubrovnik one of the most charming seaside towns in Europe. From the pier, you can go for a walk through the Old Town or grab a bite in one of the many mediterranean cuisine restaurants. 

The best time to visit Dubrovnik is during the spring or the fall. During the summer, the beautiful town gets very warm and crowded. If you want to have a chance to roam the Old Town streets and enjoy its charm without the crowds, avoid the warm summer months.


What to see when traveling from Hvar to Dubrovnik

Your journey from Hvar to Dubrovnik will start at the Harbor of Hvar. From here, you’ll be traveling between Hvar, Vis, and the Pakleni islands. The ferry will glide through the waves of the Adriatic Sea towards Korcula island, where it will make a stop.

After the passengers board the boat, the ferry will continue the journey towards Mljet island for a few more stops. As you glide next to the island, soak in the views of untouched nature. Half of Mljet island is a national park, and you’ll be able to enjoy the views before the boat continues the journey towards the coastline.

As you move away from Mljet island, you’ll move close to the coast of Croatia and you’ll be traveling between it and the Sipan island. The ferry will ride next to never ending views of the lush green coastline with an occasional lovely small town on your way. 

As you approach Dubrovnik from the water, you’ll see the stunning walls in the distance. You’ll arrive at the Dubrovnik Pier, which is very close to the Old Town.

The best way to get to know the town is to explore its cobblestone streets, walk the town walls, stroll along the town’s main street Stradun, or wander through the Old Town.

The stunning walls of Dubrovnik were a perfect spot for shooting the series, Game of Thrones. If you’re a GoT fan, you’ll be excited to know that there are many theme tours available that will show you all of the filming locations around town.

If you want to see the town from a bird's eye view, hop on the cable car and get to the top of the hill where you can enjoy the spectacular view over lunch at the Panorama restaurant.

Dubrovnik has a few beaches, but they tend to get easily crowded, especially during the summer. If you’d like to spend a day on the beach, hop on a short ferry ride to Lokrum island where you’ll find a small, but lovely beach, and gardens you can wander through.


How to get from Hvar to Dubrovnik

Taking a ferry 

Traveling from Hvar to Dubrovnik on a ferry is a fast and convenient way to make the journey between these two Croatian hotspots. The ferry you’ll be traveling on is equipped with comfortable seating, air-conditioned cabins, and toilets on boards.

This ferry doesn’t have any outdoor seating, but there are a few window seats available. There’s a small bar on board where you can buy some coffee, snacks, or soft drinks.

The ferry operates from 6 April to 25 October, and it cannot sail in bad weather conditions. In case of bad weather, all passengers will have the option to take the next available ferry or receive a full refund of their tickets. This ferry is for passengers only. You won’t be able to transport your car on this ferry.

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    Smooth quick trip. Only complaint was one bathroom overflowed
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    Great boat ride stops at two islands on the way you can get up on the terrace if its calm
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    Very nice and relaxing ride
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