A beautiful view from within central Hvar-mobile

How to get from
Split to Hvar

Split to Hvar Trip Overview

Distance37 km (23.1 miles)
Price range$9-$785
Ride Duration Range55m-2h 5m
Earliest Departure06:00
Latest Departure23:00

Four different ferry operators can transport you from Split to Hvar. If you go during the busy season, there are up to twenty ferries per day that make the two-to-three hour voyage. Only two to three ferries depart during the slow season. If you’re looking to go when crowds are lighter and the waters are hanging on to their warmth, try and book a trip in September or October. Hvar is known for its yacht parties and water activities, so bring your bathing suit and prepare for some fun and relaxation.

Travel Schedule Options from Split to Hvar

Taking a ferry from Split to Hvar

Fastest ferry: 55m

Cheapest ferry: $9

The fastest: 55m

The cheapest: $9


Few or none stops

Free cancellations and changes

Rare delays

Quick journey

Private transfer included


Passengers only (no cars)

Limited to good weather

20kg luggage limit

Possible sea sickness




Pets allowed


English Speaking Staff




English Speaking Staff


Pets allowed

The fastest: 1h

The cheapest: $604



English Speaking Staff




Pets allowed

A beautiful view from within central Hvar

About the Ride from Split to Hvar

Getting from Split to Hvar by Ferry

This is a direct ferry, and the vessel is equipped with comfortable seating, AC cabins, and toilets on board. In case the weather is rough, you might need to reschedule your trip for a brighter day. Of course, if you're not flexible with your dates, you can opt for a full refund. Upon booking, you can get instant confirmation.

Getting from Split to Hvar by Van + Ferry

Minivan + Ferry offers a comfortable option with plenty of space for a larger group of up to 8 passengers. The convenience and flexibility of pickup and drop-off locations without compromising on speed create a much smoother and more enjoyable journey, especially for those coming from or going to the airport. The price includes the ferry ride. Toilet breaks are available upon request.

Getting from Split to Hvar by Car + Ferry

Car + Ferry offers a comfortable option with plenty of space for a larger group of up to 3 passengers. The convenience and flexibility of pickup and drop-off locations without compromising on speed create a much smoother and more enjoyable journey, especially for those coming from or going to the airport. The price includes the ferry ride. Toilet breaks are available upon request.

Attractions to Explore in Hvar

Hvar Town is a historic hub with a beautiful old town, narrow streets, and ancient buildings. Its attractions include St. Stephen's Cathedral, Fortica Fortress, and the Franciscan Monastery. The Pakleni Islands offer stunning beaches, while lavender fields bloom in June and July. Carpe Diem Beach Club provides lively beachside entertainment, and the Hvar Summer Festival features cultural events.

How to Get Around Within Hvar

Visitors have various options for getting around Hvar Town, including walking, cycling, renting scooters or motorbikes, renting cars, or utilizing the dependable public transportation system. The suitable choice depends on individual travel plans, budget considerations, and personal preferences. With a population of approximately 11,000 people, the town is relatively small in size. It is positioned on a hillside, resulting in a predominantly hilly terrain. The streets are characterized by narrow and winding paths, often adorned with stone steps and staircases that traverse the hillsides.

When is the Best Time to Visit Hvar?

The crowds on ferries in Hvar can vary depending on the season and time of day. During the peak tourist season, which is typically from June to September, the ferries can be quite busy and may even sell out. It's a good idea to book your ferry tickets in advance during this time to ensure that you have a seat.

Where to Get a SIM Card in Hvar

There are several places where you can get a SIM card in Hvar, Croatia.
At the airport - If you arrive at Split Airport, you can buy a SIM card from one of the mobile network providers' kiosks or shops located at the airport.
At the ferry port - Similarly, you can purchase a SIM card from one of the mobile network providers' kiosks or shops at the ferry port in Hvar Town.
At mobile network provider shops - There are several mobile network provider shops located in Hvar Town, including T-Mobile, A1, and Tele2. You can visit any of these shops to buy a SIM card.
At convenience stores - Some convenience stores, such as Konzum, may sell SIM cards. It's best to ask the staff if they have any SIM cards available.
When buying a SIM card, make sure to bring your passport or ID card as it may be required to complete the purchase. Additionally, make sure to ask about the available mobile data plans and their pricing, as well as any additional fees or charges.

Safety Tips While Traveling in Hvar

According to the UK government, crime rates in Croatia are low.
In general, when traveling it is important to keep valuables safe and be cautious of pickpockets. Use caution when swimming and be mindful of currents and changing weather conditions. Drink responsibly and be aware of your surroundings, especially in crowded or unfamiliar areas. Use caution when driving, as roads can be narrow and winding. Respect local customs and laws, and use common sense to stay safe and enjoy your trip.

Covid-19 Restrictions in Croatia

According to the UK government, Croatia has no travel restrictions.
It is important to note that COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines are subject to change and vary by country. Before traveling to a new destination, it is recommended that you check the most up-to-date information on COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines for that specific country, as well as any entry requirements such as vaccination or negative test results. It is also important to follow local guidelines and practices to ensure your safety and the safety of others while traveling during the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

What Should I Do if I Encounter Issues With the Ticket That I Booked via Bookaway?

Bookaway is available 24/7 for any issues via email at support@bookaway.com. We can also be reached via Facebook Messenger.
For help with general questions that may have been asked before, we recommend browsing our Help Center.

Is There a Car Ferry Available? Or Is This Only a Passenger Ferry? 

At the moment, there are no Car Ferries available to transport cars across this route.

What Is the Luggage Allowance for the Ferry?

The regular ferry ticket allows each passenger to bring luggage weighing up to 20 kilograms, or 44 lbs.
Each provider may vary slightly. You can confirm luggage allowances before checkout.

Can I Purchase a Ticket at the Ferry Station? Or Should I Purchase It in Advance?

To avoid any inconvenience during peak season, it's best to purchase your ferry ticket in advance. Although some providers may offer on-site purchases at the ferry station, availability is not guaranteed, making it a riskier option.

What to Expect

The journey from Split to Hvar is 37km or 23 miles.

After exploring Split’s Old Town, with its ancient square, glistening bright-white facades, and iconic temples and monuments, you might be ready for a more relaxed vibe.

If that’s the case, Hvar is the perfect solution. With its blissful beaches and crashing shores, it’s one of the most beautiful Mediterranean islands in the whole of the Adriatic Sea. It’s quaint, it’s calm, it’s charming, and it’s probably one of the most impressive and awe-inspiring islands you’ve ever seen.

When going to Hvar from Split, you will typically leave from Split Ferry Port and arrive in Hvar Harbour. 

Coming from Split, Hvar is a relatively quiet and cozy town, but there’s still plenty of action and activity for those who don’t just want to sit on the beach all day… although you should absolutely indulge in some of that too!

What You Will See On The Way from Split to Hvar

The ferry ride to Hvar from Split is one of Croatia’s most incredible journeys, and it’s a great introduction to Croatian island life. The Adriatic Sea, which separates Italy from its eastern Mediterranean neighbors, is awash with glorious golden-shored islands. And Hvar is arguably the best of them. 

The ride is typically less than an hour. With most journeys, you’re glad to see the end of the ride and happy to see the first glimpse of your destination.

It’s a beautiful journey, full of shimmering sea and island views. You’ll pass other ferries along with small speed boats and fishing vessels. You’ll also spot incredible flora along with rocky beaches and glimpses of island-dwelling birds.

Companies Operating from Split to Hvar

Average time

55m - 1h

Average price

$9 - $27


Average time

1h - 1h 15m

Average price



Average time

1h - 1h 5m

Average price

$539 - $785


Average time

1h 5m - 2h 5m

Average price


Popular stations and stops in Split and Hvar

Departure stations in Split

Split Ferry Port

Split Central Pier

Split Ferry Terminal

Split Airport (SPU)

Matejuska Port

View more

Arrival stations in Hvar

Harbour of Hvar

Hvar Harbour

Porto Hvar

Hvar town

Hvar - Any hotel

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