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Hvar at a glance

High season

June - Aug
Place you can't miss
Spanish Fortress
Local currency
Good to know
Hvar’s history goes back to the middle ages, which has left a deep imprint as a hub on the Adriatic sea. From the ferry, you can see the terracotta roofs that decorate the coast. During your visit, make sure to explore all of the antique fortresses, the great Cathedral, and the Franciscan monastery. Hvar has cosmopolitan options in the center in terms of night life, but don’t miss the home-y experience you can get at a “konoba”, a Croatian inn, where you can eat local food and drink Hvar wine. The smell of the Hvarian lavender fields and sights of history will be ingrained in your mind as unforgettable memories.

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Top reviews

Great trip
Nice and cool, timely arrival. Taxi drivers queue RIGHT off the exit ramp, a bit overwhelming.
Perfect timing and nice car!
Perfect timing and nice car!
All great
All great
All good
All good
No problems whatsoever
No problems whatsoever
Very efficient trip
My experience was very positive. We boarded the boat very quickly and then there was no waiting around we got there quickly and was helped off the boat. Very clean too.
Everything good!
Everything good, fast and safe travel!
Hvar to Split
Very pleasant trip, booking easy.

About the ride from Split to Hvar

If you want to take the 37km (23 mile) journey from Split to Hvar, the ferry is your only option. 

After exploring Split’s Old Town, with its ancient square, glistening bright-white facades and iconic temples and monuments, you might be ready for a more relaxed vibe.

If that’s the case, Hvar is the perfect solution. With its blissful beaches and crashing shores, it’s one of the most beautiful Mediterranean islands in the whole of the Adriatic Sea.

It’s quaint, it’s calm, it’s charming, and it’s probably one of the most impressive and awe-inspiring islands you’ve ever seen.

Getting from Split to Hvar is very easy. Croatia’s transport system is extensive and easy to use. And because you only have one option of how to take the journey, you don’t have to go through the process of choosing between transport options! 

One of the most beautiful journeys Croatia has to offer, it’s a short, single, direct ferry ride. And, like all the best journeys, the ride itself is as exciting and interesting as your final destination. 

When going to Hvar from Split, you will typically leave from Split Ferry Port and arrive in Hvar Harbour. 

Once you get to Hvar from Split, you’ll be greeted by a majestic island port town with quaint homes, beautiful restaurants and some of the Adriatic Sea’s best beaches. 

Coming from Split, Hvar is a relatively quiet and cosy town, but there’s still plenty of action and activity for those who don’t just want to sit on the beach all day… although you should absolutely indulge in some of that too!


What to see when traveling from Split to Hvar

The ferry ride to Hvar from Split is one of Croatia’s most incredible journeys, and it’s a great introduction to Croatian island life. The Adriatic Sea, which separates Italy from its eastern Mediterranean neighbours, is awash with glorious golden-shored islands. And Hvar is arguably the best of them. 

It’s no surprise that celebrities such as Beyoncé, Tom Cruise and Gwyneth Paltrow - who could spend their time and money anywhere - choose to vacation here.

The ride is typically less than an hour. With most journeys, you’re glad to see the end of the ride and happy to see the first glimpse of your destination. But with this one you might just wish you had more time on board. 

It’s a beautiful journey, full of shimmering sea and island views. You’ll pass other ferries along with small speed boats and fishing vessels. You’ll also spot incredible flora along with rocky beaches and glimpses of island-dwelling birds.

With the busy city of Split behind you, with its ancient town and high-rise hotels, the destination ahead of you is much more small and cosy. As you approach Hvar, you’ll see small ruins and humble homes, before you hit the excitement of Hvar’s bustling harbor.


What is the fastest way to get from Split to Hvar?

The fastest way to get to Hvar from Split is by High Speed Ferry. The ferry ride takes 50 minutes and costs around $20.


What is the cheapest way to get from Split to Hvar?

The cheapest way to get to Hvar from Split is the same as the fastest way! As above, it’s the High Speed Ferry. The ferry ride takes 50 minutes and costs around $20. 


What is the most popular way to get from Split to Hvar?

The most popular way to get to Hvar from Split is also both the cheapest and the fastest way. To reiterate, it’s the High Speed Ferry. The ferry ride takes 50 minutes and costs around $20. 


How to get from Split to Hvar

Taking a ferry to Hvar from Split

The ferry ride from Split to Hvar is a short trip, but it still offers plenty of great amenities like air conditioning and onboard toilets. You can enjoy the views from both inside the comfort of the ferry, and from the ferry’s outdoor areas.

Ferries also have TVs, along with a bar. This bar has plenty of great drinks and snacks, so you can munch on some morsels while making your way to the golden shores of Hvar.

The ferry is a great way to meet other travelers and enjoy the exciting ambience of the windy seas while swapping travel tales.

If you want a more luxurious, special and bespoke ferry experience, you can rent an entire VIP Ferry to take you and your traveling party to Hvar from Split.

If you take a VIP Ferry, you have two options: a 7-person boat which costs around $460, or a 15-person boat which costs around $850. With both of these options, you must split the cost of the boat between all of the people you’re travelling with. You can’t book individual seats for this journey.

Travelling in a VIP Ferry from Split to Hvar is a very special, bespoke experience. Getting close to the water and feeling the ebb and flow of the tidal swell is a much more intimate adventure than traveling on a large ferry. That said, it is a very expensive option.

VIP Ferries can typically be booked for any time of your choice. The journey takes around 70 minutes. 

There are no toilets onboard these ferries.

Piers that take you from Split to Hvar:

Departing from:

  • Split Ferry Port
  • Split Airport

Arriving at:

  • Hvar Harbor


Which operators can I book with for a ferry ride from Split to Hvar?

Split to Hvar ferry operators

  • Krilo (Kapetan Luka)
  • Segorent


How many departures from Split to Hvar?

There are around 11 departures per day, but you can also book a VIP Ferry for any time you like, so your options are pretty much limitless!