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How to get from
Hvar to Korcula

Hvar to Korcula Trip Overview

Distance61 km (38.1 miles)
Price range$6-$28
Ride Duration Range1h 10m-1h 25m
Earliest Departure07:10
Latest Departure15:05

There are three ferry operators that transfer passengers from Hvar to Korcula. Ferries can make up to five departures per day during the busy season. Korcula is most known for its wine culture. It is also a great place to relax on the beaches, go sightseeing and exploring, and study its rich history. It can get cool in Korcula outside of the summer months; to enjoy the best weather, try and book your trip between May and September.

Travel Schedule Options from Hvar to Korcula

Taking a ferry from Hvar to Korcula

Fastest ferry: 1h 10m

Cheapest ferry: $6

The fastest: 1h 10m

The cheapest: $6




Pets allowed

A beautiful view from within central Korcula

About the ride from Hvar to Korcula

Getting from Hvar to Korcula by Ferry

The vessels are well-maintained and modern. Seating is comfortable and there's plenty of space to stroll around. Making the journey by ferry is really easy and often undertaken by local islanders just as much as by travelers and tourists.
If there is poor weather, the ferry cannot sail. In turn, passengers will have the option to take the next available ferry or receive a full refund. This is a PASSENGER FERRY only and cars are not allowed.

Attractions to Explore in Korcula

Korcula, Croatia presents a collection of captivating destinations that are highly recommended for visitors. The Old Town stands as a historic focal point, characterized by narrow streets and ancient structures, while the island itself proudly showcases some of Croatia's finest beaches. Vela Luka, a delightful fishing village, offers its own unique charm, while Badija Island beckons as a nature reserve boasting a splendid monastery and picturesque hiking trails. Cultural enthusiasts can look forward to the Moreska Sword Dance, a vibrant summer event, while wine tasting presents a popular opportunity to savor the local wines.

How to Get Around Within Korcula

Buses are available to navigate throughout the island. Motor scooters and cars are available to rent throughout the year and are a popular option. Taxis are available but more expensive.

Best Time to Visit Korcula

The best time to visit Korcula, Croatia is from May to September, depending on your preferences. June to August is peak season with warm weather and crowds, while May and September offer milder temperatures and fewer crowds. The island hosts events throughout the year, including the famous Moreska sword dance in the summer. Korcula is known for its beaches and watersports in the summer and hiking and cycling in the cooler months.

Best Beaches in Korcula

Korcula, Croatia has some of the best beaches in the country. Pupnatska Luka is a pebble beach with crystal-clear waters and beautiful views, while Vela Przina is a long sandy beach perfect for swimming and sunbathing. Proizd Island has pristine white sand beaches, and Bacva Bay is a secluded spot for snorkeling and swimming. Bilin Zal Beach is a peaceful pebble beach, and Vaja Bay has turquoise waters and a pebble beach. These are some of the top beaches to visit in Korcula.

Best Spots for Diving and Snorkeling in Korcula

Korcula, Croatia offers some great spots for diving and snorkeling. Vrnik Island is a popular spot for both diving and snorkeling, and there are several dive centers on the island that offer courses and equipment rental. Majsan Island has several dive sites, including underwater caves and tunnels, while the Karbuni Reef is home to a variety of marine life for experienced divers. Badija Island is a nature reserve with crystal-clear waters and great snorkeling opportunities, and Przina Beach is a popular spot for snorkeling with shallow waters and rocky seabed. These are some of the best spots to explore the underwater world in Korcula.

Best Food and Drink to Try in Korcula

Korcula, Croatia boasts a diverse culinary heritage, offering a delightful array of gastronomic delights. Grilled fish stands as a favored choice, accompanied by a harmonious blend of olive oil and zesty citrus. Another local delicacy worth savoring is the captivating black risotto, a delectable creation infused with the essence of squid ink and succulent seafood. The esteemed lamb peka graces tables as a traditional slow-cooked masterpiece, while Pošip wine entices palates with its refreshing characteristics derived from the indigenous Pošip grape. Delving further, Rakija emerges as an esteemed traditional spirit, while kotonjata presents itself as a delightful confection crafted from the marriage of quince and sugar. These exceptional culinary offerings showcase the essence of Korcula, inviting you to embark on a remarkable journey into the region's epicurean traditions.

How and Where to Get a SIM Card in Korcula

Acquiring a SIM card in Korcula proves to be a hassle-free endeavor, thanks to the wide range of available options. Local telecommunications providers such as Hrvatski Telekom, A1, and Tele2 offer convenient avenues for obtaining a SIM card. These providers maintain a presence through their stores and kiosks, strategically positioned across the city, including the airport and bustling tourist hubs. To complete the purchase and activation process, it will be necessary to furnish suitable identification, such as a passport, and potentially complete some requisite paperwork. It is advisable to conduct a comprehensive comparison of the plans and prices proffered by each provider, as they may exhibit variations. Additionally, it is essential to ensure that your mobile device is unlocked and compatible with the preferred provider's network.

Best National Parks in Korcula

Korcula, a Croatian island, doesn't possess any national parks; however, several remarkable national parks can be conveniently accessed from the nearby mainland. Notable among them are Mljet National Park, Krka National Park, Paklenica National Park, Plitvice Lakes National Park, and Kornati National Park. These parks present a diverse array of activities, including hiking, swimming, rock climbing, and snorkeling, showcasing their natural splendor through captivating features like lakes, waterfalls, canyons, forests, and archipelagos.

Tips for Avoiding Crowds in Korcula

To avoid crowds in Korcula, visitors can consider visiting during the shoulder season, exploring lesser-known areas, visiting popular sights early or late in the day, renting a bike or scooter, and taking a private tour. These tips can help visitors enjoy a more peaceful and personalized experience on the island, away from the main crowds during the busiest months of July and August.

Best Wine Regions to Visit in Korcula

Korcula is home to several wine regions that are worth visiting, including Lumbarda for white Grk grape wine, Smokvica for red Plavac Mali grape wine, Čara for white Posip grape wine, Blato for white Rukatac grape wine, and nearby Pelješac for red Plavac Mali grape wine. Visitors can tour the local wineries and taste some of the region's best wines while enjoying the stunning landscapes and local culture.

Is There a Car Ferry Available? Or Is This Only a Passenger Ferry?

At the moment, there are no Car Ferries available to transport cars across this route

Covid-19 Restrictions in Croatia

According to the UK government, there are currently no travel restrictions for Croatia

It is important to note that COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines are subject to change and vary by country. Before traveling to a new destination, it is recommended that you check the most up-to-date information on COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines for that specific country, as well as any entry requirements such as vaccination or negative test results. It is also important to follow local guidelines and practices to ensure your safety and the safety of others while traveling during the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Can I Purchase a Ticket at the Ferry Station? Or Should I Purchase It in Advance?

To avoid any inconvenience during peak season, it's best to purchase your ferry ticket in advance. Although some providers may offer on-site purchases at the ferry station, availability is not guaranteed, making it a riskier option.

What to Expect

Unless you really love swimming, there's only one way to get from Hvar to Korcula and that's by ferry. The ferry operator that runs this route is Krilo (Kapetan Luka). There are 3 daily crossings; one of which takes just under an hour and the other ferry takes roughly 90 minutes.

This area of the Adriatic is all about island hopping. Hvar and Korcula both have lots of places to stay as well as plenty of things to do alongside sunbathing and snorkeling. Taking the ferry to Korcula from Hvar is a really inexpensive option. 

The ferry ride is a pleasant trip and the vessels are well-maintained and very safe. You'll find an air-conditioned seating area onboard as well as a washroom. There's also a cafe/bar onboard where you can buy drinks, snacks, and pastries. Ferries are large enough to stroll around and sunbathe.

No vehicles are accepted onboard the ferry from Hvar to Korcula. This is good news for passengers as it means you can embark and disembark really quickly without waiting around for cars to drive on and off. Return trips are also available so you could visit Korcula from Hvar just for a day trip.

The ferry from Hvar to Korcula runs from early June right the way through to early October. However, during rough weather, ferries might well be canceled. If this happens, passengers will have the choice of taking the next ferry when the weather's cleared up or a full ticket refund.

What to see when traveling from Hvar to Korcula

Sitting up on the top deck of the ferry from Hvar to Korcula definitely gives you the best vantage point. All those twinkling Adriatic waves are really something and taking your time to sit and soak it all in is a great idea for relaxing during the ride.

As you leave Hvar you might be able to see fishermen casting off from their boats or from around the shore. Hvar's stone harbor walls are always aligned with gently bobbing boats and plenty of interesting people to watch as you sail out to sea.

On the approach to Korcula, you'll slowly see the island come into view. This is a beautiful gently sloping landscape where ancient olive trees and gnarled grape vines have soaked up the sun for centuries. Keep an eye out, also, for Korcula's red-roofed Old Town that's right at the harbor.

You're likely to be taking the ferry in between the hours of sunrise and sunset. But don't despair, this gives you plenty of time to seek out a nice spot on land to watch those beautiful red and mauve horizons with a glass of Croatian red or a chilled pint of beer.

Onboard the ferry the views from the air-conditioned seating area are actually quite pleasant. They won't be as impressive as up on the top deck but the seating is much more comfortable and provides many more opportunities to relax out of the harmful rays of the Croatian sunshine.

You might get a chance to see a few familiar faces from Hvar making the trip over to Korcula. Be brave and ask them about their vacation. Are they visiting the island for a day trip or do they plan to stay longer? Also, try to find out a few top tips on snorkeling locations and places to eat.

Of course, while you're onboard the ferry you can purchase hot and cold drinks as well as snacks and pastries. These won't exactly be homemade traditional Croatian delights but there will be enough to sustain any hunger pangs until finally you reach the island and head to the nearest bar.

Companies Operating from Hvar to Korcula

Average time

1h 10m - 1h 25m

Average price



Popular stations and stops in Hvar and Korcula

Departure stations in Hvar

Harbour of Hvar

Hvar Harbour

Arrival stations in Korcula

Kapetan Luka Korcula

Korcula Ferry Terminal

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