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1 way to get from Hvar to Korcula

Taking a ferry from Hvar to Korcula
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There are 3 operators that run from Hvar to Korcula, with 1 departure per day. If you decide to take a ferry, you can take the Catamaran and High Speed option.

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    About the ride from Hvar to Korcula

    Unless you really love swimming, there's only one way to get from Hvar to Korcula and that's by ferry. The ferry operator that runs this route is Krilo (Kapetan Luka). There are 3 daily crossings; one of which takes just under an hour and the other ferry takes roughly 90 minutes.

    This area of the Adriatic is all about island hopping. Hvar and Korcula both have lots of places to stay as well as plenty of things to do alongside sunbathing and snorkelling. Taking the ferry to Korcula from Hvar is a really inexpensive option. Tickets start from as little as US$8 per passenger.

    The distance between Hvar and Korcula is 61 kilometers (37 miles) by air. 

    The ferry ride is a pleasant trip and the vessels are well-maintained and very safe. You'll find an air-conditioned seating area onboard as well as a washroom. There's also a cafe/bar onboard where you can buy drinks, snacks and pastries. Ferries are large enough to stroll around and sunbathe.

    No vehicles are accepted onboard the ferry from Hvar to Korcula. This is good news for passengers as it means you can embark and disembark really quickly without waiting around for cars to drive on and off. Return trips are also available so you could visit Korcula from Hvar just for a day trip.

    The ferry from Hvar to Korcula runs from early June right the way through to early October. However, during rough weather, ferries might well be canceled. If this happens, passengers will have the choice of taking the next ferry when the weather's cleared up or a full ticket refund.

    Although you won't be onboard for long, there's still plenty of time to get to know a few of your fellow passengers. Local people also travel between the two islands for work or to visit relatives. Practice your Croatian, if you dare, or just smile before returning to your phrase book.


    What to see when traveling from Hvar to Korcula

    Sitting up on the top deck of the ferry from Hvar to Korcula definitely gives you the best vantage point. All those twinkling Adriatic waves are really something and taking your time to sit and soak it all in is a great idea for relaxing during the ride.

    As you leave Hvar you might be able to see fishermen casting off from their boats or from around the shore. Hvar's stone harbour walls are always aligned with gently bobbing boats and plenty of interesting people to watch as you sail out to sea.

    On the approach to Korcula you'll slowly see the island come into view. This is a beautiful gently sloping landscape where ancient olive trees and gnarled grape vines have soaked up the sun for centuries. Keep an eye out, also, for Korcula's red roofed Old Town that's right at the harbour.

    You're likely to be taking the ferry in between the hours of sunrise and sunset. But don't despair, this gives you plenty of time to seek out a nice spot on land to watch those beautiful red and mauve horizons with a glass of Croatian red or a chilled pint of beer.

    Onboard the ferry, the views from the air-conditioned seating area are actually quite pleasant. They won't be as impressive as up on the top deck but the seating is much more comfortable and provides many more opportunities to relax out of the harmful rays of the Croatian sunshine.

    You might get a chance to see a few familiar faces from Hvar making the trip over to Korcula. Be brave and ask them about their vacation. Are they visiting the island for a day trip or do they plan to stay longer? Also, try to find out a few top tips on snorkeling locations and places to eat.

    Of course, while you're onboard the ferry you can purchase hot and cold drinks as well as snacks and pastries. These won't exactly be home made traditional Croatian delights but there will be enough to sustain any hunger pangs until finally you reach the island and head to the nearest bar.


    How to get to Korcula from Hvar

    Taking a ferry to Korcula from Hvar

    If you've got plans to take the ferry from Hvar to Korcula you'll basically have two choices depending on what time of day you travel. One ferry takes about an hour and 25 minutes, whereas the other takes just 50 minutes. Ferries depart in the afternoon to get day trippers back to Korcula.

    A seat on the slower ferry costs from US$8 whereas the slightly faster ferry costs from US$10. Both high-speed ferry types are run by the Croatian company Krilo (Kapetan Luka). The vessels are well-maintained and modern. Seating is comfortable and there's plenty of space to stroll around.

    The distance by air is approximately 61 kilometers (37 miles). Making the journey by ferry is really easy and often undertaken by local islanders just as much as by travelers and tourists. Korcula is close enough to Hvar to visit on a day trip. The historic Old Town is really lovely but can get busy.

    Always make sure you get to Hvar harbor at least 30 minutes before the designated ferry departure time. Ferries are for foot passengers only although you might also be able to bring a bicycle onboard if you've hired one for your vacation. 

    Island hopping from Hvar to Korcula is part and parcel of traveling in this Adriatic area of Croatia. Although you won't be sailing for long, you'll still have plenty of time to look wistfully out at the waves or catch a tan on the top deck. You can also chill downstairs in the air-conditioned area.

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