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3 way to get from Hvar to Split

Taking a ferry from Hvar to Split
Know before you go

Taking a ferry, or a catamaran, from Hvar to Split, is a unique way to travel through Croatia. See the Adriatic sea, the island that holds the cities of Milna and Solta, all from the window of the ferry. This ferry is a quick way to get across the water, with an inexpensive class option available for booking.

  • Pros
    • Few or none stops
    • Free cancellations and changes
    • Relatively inexpensive
    • Rare delays
    • Quick journey
  • Cons
    • Passengers only (no cars)
    • Limited to good weather
    • 20kg luggage limit
    • Possible sea sickness
    • Few class options
Most popular rides
Taking a car from Hvar to Split
Know before you go

There is 1 operator that run from Hvar to Split. If you decide to take a car, you can take the Comfort option.

Most popular rides
Taking a minivan from Hvar to Split
Know before you go

There is 1 operator that run from Hvar to Split. If you decide to take a minivan, you can take the Comfort option.

Most popular rides

About the ride from Hvar to Split

If you want to take the 37km (23 mile) journey from Hvar to Split, the ferry is your only option. 

After secluded bays, clifftop explorations and charming collections of small, picturesque houses, you might be ready for the hustle and bustle of Croatia’s second largest city.

Getting to Split from Hvar is very easy. Croatia’s transport system is extensive and easy to use. And because you only have one option of how to take the journey, you don’t have to go through the process of choosing between transport options. 

One of Croatia’s most beautiful journeys, the ride to Split from Hvar is a short, single, direct ferry ride. And, like all the world’s best journeys, the ride itself is as exciting and interesting as the destination itself. 

When traveling to Split from Hvar, you will typically leave from Hvar Harbour and arrive into Split Ferry Port. 

Once you get to Split from Hvar, you’ll be greeted by a city with plenty to offer. From its majestic pastel-colored old town to one of the world’s oldest cathedrals, Saint Domnius, Split is packed with history and heritage, with astonishing architecture lurking around every corner. 

Split is also an excellent base from which to explore Krka National Park. The park is home to iconic Skradinski Buk, a waterfall known as one of Croatia’s greatest natural beauties.


What to see when traveling from Hvar to Split

The ferry ride to Split from Hvar is one of Croatia’s most incredible journeys, and it’s a great snapshot of Croatian island life. The Adriatic Sea, which separates Italy from its eastern Mediterranean neighbours, is awash with glorious golden-shored islands.

The ride is less than an hour. With most journeys, you’re glad to see the end of the ride, and happy to see the destination. But, with this one, you might just wish you had more time on board. 

It’s a beautiful journey, full of shimmering sea and island views. You’ll pass other ferries along with small speed boats and fishing vessels.

Trees, flowers and flora mask small ruins, rocky beaches and glimpses of island-dwelling birds.

On very clear days, the views can be particularly jaw-dropping.

When you begin approaching Split, you’ll be greeted by the beauty of an archetypal Balkan Mediterranean city. The cityscape offers orange-topped buildings with a vertiginous mountain backdrop. Ancient buildings sit beside palm trees, for a postcard perfect view.

But it’s not all ancient edifices. Because Split is such a popular tourist destination, these old buildings mix with sky-high hotels, combining to form a view  that’s equal parts modern and ancient. 

Because most tourists stay very close to the Old Town, it’s likely your hotel will be within walking distance. But, if not, it’s easy to get a bus or a taxi.

Some tourists like to explore the Old Town as soon as they step off their ferry. And it’s in prime position, just beside the exciting port on which your boat will dock.


How to get from Hvar to Split

Taking a ferry

The ferry ride from Hvar to Split is a short jaunt, but you still get plenty of great amenities. With AC and onboard toilets, you have all the comfort you need to enjoy the spectacular vistas.

You can indulge in the views both from inside the comfort of the ferry, and from the outdoor areas.

These ferries also have TVs, along with a bar. The bar has plenty of great drinks and snacks, so you can munch on some tasty treats while making your way to Split.

Ferry rides can be a great place to meet other travelers and swap stories. 

There’s something wildly romantic about sharing travel stories with other explorers while you enjoy the views offered by an outdoor ferry space. There’s no better way to survey the seas.

If you want a more plush and luxurious experience, you can rent an entire VIP Ferry to take you and your traveling party to Split from Hvar.

With a VIP Ferry, you have two options: a 7-person boat, which costs around $460, or a 15-person boat, which costs around $850. With both of these options, you split the cost of the boat between all of the people you’re travelling with; you can’t book individual seats for this journey.

The VIP boats are small motorboats. They can even take you to Split airport! 

Traveling in these boats is a very special experience. Gliding close to the water with your own private party is a much more intimate experience than traveling on a large ferry. That said, it is a very expensive option.

VIP Ferries can typically be booked for any time of your choice, and the journey takes around 70 minutes. 

There are no toilets onboard this ferry.

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