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1 way to get from Cebu to El Nido

Taking a Flight from Cebu to El NidoDuration: 1h 30m
Know before you go

Air travel from Cebu to El Nido is a crazy comfortable option to chose. The plane cabins are always well air conditioned. This is a pretty short journey but that doesn’t mean that you’ll be provided any less amenities. The plane departs from the Cebu International airport and lands in El Nido airport.

  • Pros
    • Return journey available
    • Bathroom on board
    • Ample luggage allowance
    • Checked baggage included in ticket price
  • Cons
    • Limited departure times
    • Printed ticket necessary
    • No other transport options (currently)
    • Pricey option
    • No personal pick ups/drop offs
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Bookaway's customers prefer Economy Flight by Air-Swift

Economy Flight by Air-Swiftwhich usually takes 1h 30m


508 Km (Air)

Economy Flight by Air-Swift starting at US$233

Approximately, there are 1 departures each day.

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