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3 way to get from Bangkok to Rayong

Taking a Minivan from Bangkok to Rayong
Know before you go

If you are travelling with a group of friends, the best way to get from Bangkok to Rayong is by having your own private minivan service. The minivan can pick you up from the airport or from any hotel in Bangkok which makes this option really convenient.

  • Pros
    • Private transfer (personal pick up and drop off)
    • Luggage allowance
    • Greater comfort provided
    • Can make toilet stops
  • Cons
    • Private van: pricey
    • Not so suitable for solo travelers
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Taking a Bus from Bangkok to Rayong
Know before you go

Rayong is a popular destination because of Pattaya. The cheapest way to get from Bangkok to Rayong is by taking this shared bus from either Mochit Bus Terminal or Ekkamai Bus Terminal. You’ll find it has a bigger leg area and seats are also comfortable.

  • Pros
    • Luggage allowance
    • Comfortable buses
    • Inexpensive
  • Cons
    • No toilet on board
    • Shared bus: possibly noisy and crowded
    • Makes stops for miscellaneous pick ups
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Taking a Car from Bangkok to Rayong
Know before you go

If you fancy more private transportation between a couple or 3 people, taking a private car from Bangkok to Rayong is the best option. You will be able to make stops upon request and also won’t have to worry about sharing with other people along the way.

  • Pros
    • Comfortable travel
    • English speaking drivers
    • Personalized experience: flexible pick up and drop off
    • Makes rest stops upon request
  • Cons
    • Pricey option
    • Luggage limitations
    • Passenger limitation
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About the ride from Bangkok to Rayong


So you’ve had your fill of frenetic Bangkok, and you’re looking for something chill, heading to the closest beach is just the answer. Luckily, the beaches of Rayong are nearby. Here's how you high-tail it to the nearest sand on the southeast coast.

It's not too far from Bangkok to Rayong. You're basically looking at a three-hour trip overland. Transport varies from a scheduled tourist bus to a minivan or private hire car. Buses are the cheapest option, and there are usually about 27 departures each day. 

Rayong Tour, BH Rayong and PP Koh Samed are some of the reputable bus companies servicing this route. Standard buses are the cheapest choice, with seat prices starting from as little as US$6. All buses are clean, air-conditioned and relatively modern. There will usually be a comfort break along the way as buses don't always have bathrooms onboard.

If you’re heading straight for the beaches, it's a convenient route, just use the Bangkok airport to Rayong bus timetable, and you’ll find plenty of options. 

If you're wondering how to get from Bangkok to Rayong as a group, go for a minivan. They work better for small groups of friends or large families. Yes, it’s a more expensive alternative to a bus. However, you get to leave the Thai capital whenever you like, and the comfort levels are far superior. You can also get dropped off right at your hotel’s front door. 

A standard minivan will comfortably seat a maximum of nine passengers. It's a smooth ride with air-conditioning and plenty of space for luggage. The price for the whole vehicle starts from US$114.

Minivan operators include Team Holiday, Glassflower, Thailand Limo by Datum, and Kim Transfer Thailand. They're all well-known local companies that will pick you up directly from the airport or from a hotel in central Bangkok.

Taking a private car is often ideal for couples or small families (3 passengers). You get a lot more privacy than on a bus, and you can also get picked up and dropped off where you want. Drivers speak English and might point out a few sights along the way.

The cost of a Bangkok to Rayong taxi starts from US$90 for a standard car organized by Kim Transfer Thailand. Other taxi operators include Enjoy Taxi Bangkok, Thai Happy Taxi, and Taxi Tour Service. Again, they're all well respected, local private hire car companies. 

All hire cars are comfortable, air-conditioned and will take breaks whenever you wish so you can stretch your legs. Booking a car in advance, as well as agreeing to the price, is the best way to travel safely, securely and with the peace of mind that you're not getting ripped off!

What to see when traveling from Bangkok to Rayong

As there's no direct Bangkok to Rayong train or flight, the only way to travel is by road. Many travelers will leave Bangkok and head straight for the white sandy stretches along the Gulf of Thailand. This takes them out of Bangkok's sprawling center via the Route 7 highway.

Other than cars, trucks and tuk-tuks, there won't be too much to see as you exit the city limits. Keep an eye out for street bazaars, glittering temples and real life in the urban outskirts.

When you’re on the bus from Bangkok to Rayong, you'll pass by many little fishing villages and seaside towns before reaching Pattaya, a couple of hours south of Bangkok. Pattaya is all about bright lights and beach resorts — you can't miss it!


How to get from Bangkok to Rayong

Taking a bus from Bangkok to Rayong 

The Bangkok to Rayong bus is the cheapest way to get from A to B. It's also the most sociable option as you'll be traveling with all sorts of backpackers and holidaymakers heading to the beaches on Thailand's southeast coast.

Bus schedules are very frequent, and it only takes around three hours to travel the 62 kilometers (38 miles). This includes a stop for a bathroom break. 

Buses leave from Ekkamai Bus Station on Sukhumvit Road and arrive at Rayong Bus Terminal in the city’s center. Make sure you book your tickets in advance and get to the bus station at least 30 minutes before the designated departure time.


Taking a minivan from Bangkok to Rayong 

The price of a Bangkok to Rayong van will be much more than a seat on a tourist bus. However, if you're traveling as part of a group, the cost is probably worth the comfort.

Minivans leave from wherever you want them to in Bangkok and drop you off right outside your hotel in Rayong. Make sure you book accommodation in advance, so your driver knows exactly where to head to.


Taking a car from Bangkok to Rayong 

The Bangkok to Rayong taxi price is the most expensive transport option, but it's also the most flexible way to travel. Get picked up and put back down wherever you wish; throw in an English-speaking driver, and you're good to go! 

Now, who's ready for some beach time?

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