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3 way to get from Rayong to Bangkok

Taking a Minivan from Rayong to Bangkok
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There are 9 operators that run from Rayong to Bangkok. If you decide to take a Minivan, you can take the Standard and VIP option.

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Taking a Bus from Rayong to Bangkok
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There is 1 operator that run from Rayong to Bangkok, with 5 departure per day. If you decide to take a Bus, you can take the Standard option.

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Taking a Car from Rayong to Bangkok
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There are 6 operators that run from Rayong to Bangkok. If you decide to take a Car, you can take the Economy, Standard, SUV, and Tourist option.

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About the ride from Rayong to Bangkok


If you've had all the tan your skin can take, it's time to bid a fond farewell to the Gulf of Thailand's east coast beaches and head to Bangkok. So wipe those eyes, shake that sand out of every orifice, and hit the road because it’s time for some big city vibes.

The Rayong to Bangkok distance isn't all that far. You're looking at 62 kilometers (38 miles) which takes around three hours to complete. Once you've established that you can't take your rented motor scooter back with you, there are three recognized modes of transport: bus, minivan or car.

Your cheapest option is the tourist bus. These make around 31 departures every day and run from very early in the morning to the late afternoon. So basically, no matter what time you want to get to Bangkok, there will usually be a bus departing that coincides.

Buses are big and noisy although relatively clean and comfortable. Air-conditioning will be on full blast, and there will be at least one stop at a service station along the way. It's a cheap, cheerful and sociable option. The price for a standard bus starts from US$6 per passenger.

Taking the Rayong to Bangkok bus is the best way to travel on a budget, although you will be dropped in the city’s center rather than the airport. Good to know if you need to leave Thailand in a hurry. 

Minivans are much more expensive than tourist buses, but if you're sharing costs among a group of friends, it won't make too much of a dent in your savings. Minivans are usually large enough to accommodate up to nine passengers. It costs from US$114 to hire the whole vehicle and driver.

Minivans are spacious, clean and air-conditioned. They're a flexible choice of transport from Rayong to Bangkok as you can get picked up and dropped off wherever you like. 

Minivan service providers for this route include Team Holiday, Glassflower, Thailand Limo by Datum and Kim Transfer Thailand. They're all recommended local agents.

Traveling by private car often works well for couples and groups of three people. Drivers speak English, and you get plenty of legroom and space for luggage in the trunk. In addition, it’s a safe and secure airport run where you can get picked up from your hotel and get dropped off at the flight terminal.

A Rayong to Bangkok taxi price starts from US$90 for a standard car with Kim Transfer Thailand. Other private car and driver providers include Enjoy Taxi Bangkok, Thai Happy Taxi and Taxi Tour Service. 


What to see when traveling from Rayong to Bangkok

As there isn't a sleeper train to Bangkok, nor a direct flight, you need to hit the road. 

Most travelers will be heading back to the Thai capital after spending a lazy couple of weeks on the southeast coast. The Route 7 highway is the best way to get from Rayong to Bangkok by bus, minivan or private hire car. 

You'll get to see plenty of smaller fishing villages and larger towns along the way. One definite coastal community to keep your eyes open for is Pattaya. This notorious seaside stretch has got more bright lights than a Christmas tree and might well have been on your party hit list from day 1.

Pattaya is just an hour's drive from Rayong and often serves as a place to stop off for a bite to eat or to stretch your legs if you've got the time. From there, you're just a couple of hours from Bangkok, although the outer urban sprawl starts a lot sooner than Koh San Road.


How to get from Rayong to Bangkok

Taking a bus from Rayong to Bangkok 

The bus from Rayong to Bangkok is the least expensive mode of transport. It's a fun choice for backpackers, although more often than not, everyone's asleep no sooner than they've left the bus terminal. 

The bus timetable runs practically 24/7, so all you have to do is book your ticket in advance, turn up at Ekkamai Bus Station and wait for your bus to arrive. Then, clamber aboard, find a seat, and you'll be dropped off three hours later at Sukhumvit Road in central Bangkok.


Taking a minivan from Rayong to Bangkok 

Take a minivan if you're traveling with a group of friends and want to travel from Rayong to Bangkok without taking a crowded tourist bus. It’s the best choice for those who like to leave on their own time and arrive looking relatively unscathed by the experience.

Minivans are exceptionally efficient for groups of nine people. Just make sure everyone on board is willing to split the costs because otherwise, you could end up with a costly travel bill.


Taking a car from Rayong to Bangkok 

Taking a taxi is the best option for families or couples heading back to Bangkok. You can get picked up right from the front of your hotel and get dropped off in the city center or at the airport. Slightly quicker than a bus, far more comfortable and a lot more private—sometimes it pays to splash out!

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