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1 way to get from Hanoi to Hoi An

Taking a Bus from Hanoi to Hoi AnDuration: 16h 30m
Know before you go

Sleeping buses are a common option to choose when travelling between Hanoi to Hoi An. It’s a long journey but luckily one that departs in the evening, so it’s a great way to replace overnight accommodations. There’s a bathroom on board but the bus makes stops, nonetheless.

  • Pros
    • Bus stations in center
    • Cost effective
    • Easy contact with suppliers
    • Blankets provided
    • Stable journey time
  • Cons
    • Patchy WiFi
    • Long journey
    • No daytime departure options
    • Slow traffic
    • Possible language barrier
Most popular rides

About the ride from Hanoi to Hoi An

Two of the most popular and well-established destinations on the Vietnam tourist trail, traveling from Hanoi to Hoi An allows you to experience two of the nation’s most exciting cities. 

But while they’re both cities, that’s where their similarities end. 

Hanoi is one of the world’s most bustling destinations, a madcap melee of chaos and craziness. But Hoi An is laid-back, elegant and charming, and largely bereft of the traffic and mayhem which lies at Hanoi’s heart.

If you travel directly from Hanoi to Hoi An, you’re able to immediately experience the huge contrast between these two cities. A lengthy but worthwhile journey, traveling to Hoi An from Hanoi is a popular trip for lots of different tourists and travelers.

If you want to take the 800km (497 mile) journey from Hanoi to Hoi An, the bus is your only option. But though you can only travel by bus, there are many different bus companies who serve the route, leaving you with plenty of options. 

Because these journeys all occur overnight, you’ll spend the majority of your trip slumbering softly inside your bus. Though that means fewer views, it also means that you get to travel while you sleep. It’s the perfect way to maximise your time - and save money while you do it!

Because there’s only one way to tackle the trip from Hanoi to Hoi An, you don’t have to fuss and fret over various transport options. Instead, you hop on your bus, and awake refreshed and ready to explore what might just be Vietnam’s most charming destination.


What to see when traveling from Hanoi to Hoi An

Because around half of your journey to Hoi An from Hanoi takes place overnight, much of your journey will be dark and viewless. But don’t fret - on a journey which takes an average of around 16 hours, you’ll be treated to some daylight views.

The first part of your journey to Hoi An from Hanoi takes you out of the mayhem of Hanoi’s narrow roads. Against all odds, your bus will negotiate scooter drivers, endless traffic and some of the most jam-packed roads you’ve ever seen. But as the small lanes make way to full-width highways, you’ll know you’ve left behind Hanoi’s craziness on your way towards the serenity of Hoi An.

As night falls, you can sleep in the relative comfort of your overnight bus, ready to wake way closer to UNESCO-listed Hoi An Ancient Town, with its merchant houses and world-famous lanterns.

When you wake, you’ll have a few hours of your journey still to go, as your bus will arrive into Hoi An during the late morning.

A note here: your bus is very unlikely to go over the Hai Van Pass on its way towards Hoi An from Hanoi. Instead, it’ll likely take the quicker and more accessible tunnel route, which bypasses the pass itself. But unless you hire a private driver, that’s pretty much always the case.

Some good news though: the Hai Van Pass is less than 60km away from Hoi An, so it’s easy to visit as a day trip from Hoi An. Visiting the Hai Van Pass from Hoi An is an easy, accessible and affordable way to do it - for most tourists, it’s actually the most logical and appealing option.

You’ll arrive into Hoi An in the late morning, greeted by its gentle river, colorful houses and unbounded charm. Infinitely more laconic than the Hanoi you’ve left behind, it’s one of Southeast Asia’s most endearing destinations.


How to get from Hanoi to Hoi An

Taking a bus

Taking a bus from Hanoi to Hoi An is a great option for all travelers. Though particularly popular among budget backpackers, it’s comfortable and convenient to provide enough luxury for all but the most choosy of tourists. All buses from Hanoi to Hoi An offer comfortable bed-style seats along with blankets and AC. Some offer drinks, snacks and WiFi.

Some buses from Hanoi to Hoi An offer onboard toilets. Those which don’t will stop for toilet breaks along the way.

For the specific amenities offered by each journey, you should check the individual journey listings - but all buses offer a comfortable way to get some sleep while you make your way to Hoi An. And because all journeys are overnight, you save money on one night of accommodation. Perfect!

Because you arrive in Hoi An during the late morning, you have lots of time for exploring all of the city’s charming cafes, restaurants and small streets. A city full of allure and surprises, you’ll want all the time you can get.

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