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Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park at a glance

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Feb - Aug
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Places you can't miss
Hang Son Doong cave
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Good to know
Phong Nha Ke Ban is regarded as a monumental achievement in ecological discoveries. This place is a widespread net of limestone caves with rivers flowing through them. In some respect, this title is quite light, as Phong Nha Ke Ban has managed to break many records. The caves are millions of years old and the formations inside of them took that long to mold. The Son Doong Cave is considered to be the largest cave in the world. This park is indescribable, and only recently opened to the public. Make sure to bring mosquito repellent when visiting.

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Top reviews

I did not do the trip
We cancelled the booking because fo the coronavirus situation. I did not get my refund from bookaway. How can I claim it ?
Not good for tall people over 150cm
You will find it uncomfortable if you are taller than 150cm tall as your knees will start to hurt after a while. Plus beds are not soft, so hips start to hurt too. Bus windows were all steamed up, so aircon needs improving. Good thing is that trip didn't take longer than planned 9 hours.
Decent ride
The bus started a bit late. But smoothly made up for it in transit. The seats are small for people taller than 6ft. However, it was clean. And so was the attached washroom. Just need longer legspace for taller people. Rest was fine.
Unexpectedly good
We took the Hey Travel bus from Phong Nha to Hanoi. The bus was new, clean, and the chairs were longer than in other sleepers we've used in Vietnam. The driver did not honk or talk on the phone all the time, and the lights in the bus were off during 99% of the journey. The staff were more than okay, making sure everyone got off or not at the right station (Ninh Binh is before Hanoi) and got their luggage and shoes. The bus left Phong Nha 1 hour late but arrived in Hanoi 1 hour ahead of schedule. This was nice, but it means the driver might have forgotten he was transporting passengers and not potatoes. Using the toilet even as a man was quite the adventure. Some seats have large aircon vents which can't be turned off, so beware where you choose to sit / sleep.
Bus was overbooked, aggressive staff
The bus was overbooked so some passengers needed to lie on the floor. When some passengers refused to do so the staff got really angry and aggressive and were screaming at the passengers. Apart from that the trip was okay.
Bus Write from Hanoi to Phong nha
Interessting Bus , you can‘t sleep on this Bus because all the stop you wake up.... the air is horrobel!
Yes the transport went all
Yes the transport went all very well. And from Hanoi is very easy since everything is well connected. So booking online I saved 5$ Instead booking by the hostel