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1 way to get from Tuan Chau Island to Hanoi

Taking a minivan from Tuan Chau Island to HanoiDuration: 3h
Know before you go

As your Minivan pulls away from the gorgeous Tuan Chau Island, leave the sandy beaches and lazy cafes behind. It’s time to get excited for the big city life. This journey is a short one as you drive through the heart of the Vietnamese countryside. Take advantage of the journey to meet other travelers and brace yourself for some good food and wild nights in Hanoi.

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    • WiFi connection
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    • Comfortable seats
    • Air conditioned cabin
    • Short journey
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    • Non refundable
    • Limited luggage allowance
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About the ride from Tuan Chau Island to Hanoi


Tuan Chau Island is, in many ways, the perfect beach destination. Your stay at Tuan Chau Island probably involved a whole lot of seaside action, jet skiing, windsurfing, parasailing, and canoeing, and maybe, a few land adventures such as hiking and camping.

In contrast, bustling Hanoi’s charm lies in something completely different. The city captivates passersby with its stunning architecture, quaint Old Quarter, and gastronomic delights. 

History buffs will love visiting the city’s exciting museums – the Museum of Ethnology, the National Museum of Vietnamese History, and the Vietnamese Women’s Museum. 

Take an afternoon stroll through the city’s historic center and check out the Imperial Citadel, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

For a bird’s eye view of the capital city, head to the Lotte Tower Observation Deck. 

The Hoan Kiem Lake is the perfect spot to take a break and rest your legs. 

Hanoi is a food connoisseur’s playground. It’s a fascinating blend of Vietnamese and French culinary influences. So, be sure to try out the banh mi sandwich, a steaming hot bowl of pho noodles, and some delicious bun cha.

The distance from Tuan Chau Island to Hanoi is 100 miles (160 km). 

Those wondering how to travel from Tuan Chau Island to Hanoi will be happy to know that multiple transportation options are available. Taking a minivan or bus is the most cost-effective option and travel time is around 3-4 hours. 

If you are looking for a comfortable ride, consider booking a private taxi. But if minimizing travel time is your priority, opt for a seaplane ride that takes you from Tuan Chau Airport to Hanoi Airport in 45 mins. 


What to see when traveling from Tuan Chau Island to Hanoi

If you are taking the seaplane from Tuan Chau Island, you will get to witness the spectacular beauty of the Halong Bay region from up above. 

If you are traveling by road, you will get to experience the quiet and alluring charm of Vietnam’s villages and small towns. 

Sit back and relax to these soothing sights before you find yourself enveloped by the hustle and bustle of vibrant Hanoi. 


How to get from Tuan Chau Island to Hanoi

Taking a minivan from Tuan Chau Island to Hanoi

Shared and private minivans are one of the best ways to get from Tuan Chau Island to Hanoi. With departures every half an hour to an hour, it’s easy to find a time that works best for you. Travel times are around 2-3.5 hours, and ticket prices start from $14 per person. 

If you are a solo traveler with minimal luggage, a shared minivan is a good choice. The minivans are air-conditioned and are fitted with comfortable, cushioned seats. Some even provide bottled water and food during the ride. Most operators allow two pieces of luggage per person.

Some of the shared minivan operators offer airport drop-off and hotel drop-off if the hotel is located in the city center. Pick-up is usually at the Ferry Terminal in Tuan Chau. 

Those traveling as part of a group can rent a private minivan. With a seating capacity of eight to nine passengers, they are perfect for small groups. Also, since it’s a private ride, you will have the convenience of hotel pick up and drop off.

Aclass Bus Lines, Dream Transport Limousine, and AB Vietnam Travel are well-known minivan operators on this route.

Taking a bus from Tuan Chau Island to Hanoi

If you are looking for the most economical choice, buses are the best way to travel from Tuan Chau Island to Hanoi. With ticket prices starting from $10, it’s one of the cheapest options. There are departures throughout the day and travel time is around four hours. 

The buses are air-conditioned and come with comfortable, cushioned seats. In addition, there are a few luxury coaches, which cost around $25. Some popular bus operators are The Sinh Tourist, Grouptour, Rosa Eco bus, and Green Lion Bus. 

Taking a taxi from Tuan Chau Island to Hanoi

For those looking for a lot of flexibility and convenience in their travel, renting a private taxi is a good choice. With more legroom, luggage allowance, and hotel pick up and drop off, it makes travel a comfortable and easy experience. Travel time is around 2-2.5 hours, and departure time depends on you. 

Depending on the size of the group, you could book a standard-size car that is good for one to two people or get a more spacious SUV that is perfect for three to four people. This is ideal for families with young kids or couples who don’t mind paying a little extra for the added benefits. 

Taking a plane from Tuan Chau Island to Hanoi

The Tuan Chau Island to Hanoi distance can also be covered by flight. A 45-minute flight time makes taking a seaplane the fastest way to get from Tuan Chau Island Airport to Hanoi. Flights depart from the Tuan Chau Island Marina and arrive at Hanoi Airport. 

There are multiple departures during the day, and the flights are operated by Hai Au Aviation. Expectedly, it’s the most expensive option but perfect for those who like to keep travel times to a minimum.  

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